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Get to Know Our Agency Founder – Get to Know Jack!


Growing up in the Illinois suburbs without any siblings, Jack Venturi learned how to make friends at a very young age.

Get to Know Jack!“I used to play with all my friends on a regular basis,” Jack remembers. “We’d ride our bikes and play baseball in the summers, and in the winter we’d play hockey. Our town would flood the Summit park and it would freeze over so we could grab our sticks and skates and play ice hockey. We always kept busy playing sports and never had extra time on our hands to ever get in trouble like some kids do today. Our parents also made sure we completed of homework assignments that had to be done.”

When he wasn’t playing with his friends, Jack spent his time in conversation with his next-door neighbor, Rick, who was a young, successful insurance broker. Intrigued by his Johnny Carson suits and nice vehicles in the driveway, Jack wasn’t shy to ask him questions about his job. “Rick would educate me on the various types of insurance available such as property & casualty insurance, homeowners, auto, and commercial insurance for a business.”

Not only were these forms of insurance versatile and purchased by millions of Americans, but the people and companies you were able to work with were so different. You could virtually work with every type of person and business, and that excited me as someone who loves to meet new people,” Jack explains.

From as early as his teenage years, Jack knew he wanted to be an insurance broker like his mentor.

After graduating from Moraine Valley College in Palos Hills, Illinois, and majoring inAbout Jack Venturi Business Management, Jack accepted a position as a dedicated agent with the huge New York carrier MetLife. Though he gained valuable experience, Jack wanted to utilize his people skills and work with numerous companies and insurance types, not just one. With the help of his childhood friend, Ken South, who was an independent insurance broker at the time, Jack started his own business selling insurance. He has been doing it for well over 20 years now.

With each new client, Jack’s mission was to educate them accordingly. “Most of the time,” Jack says, “People know they should purchase a specific insurance product but they have no knowledge about the type they should apply for or its cost.” Unfortunately, Jack hears story after story about people purchasing an insurance plan that will not meet their needs or paying far more than they should have.

“I try to educate people as smart insurance shoppers and get them pointed in the proper direction so they can make the correct decision and purchase the correct policy,” affirms Jack. “I try to analyze the situation and make sure when a individual decides to apply for life insurance, it will be worthwhile and valuable purchase for them. Consumers need to be able to purchase the correct insurance policy for their specific needs and receive the lowest premium at the same time.”

“Providing our clients with the correct insurance for their specific needs is crucial for their financial protection and the peace of mind they deserve”.

Take Christine, for example, a 57-year-old woman who called Jack and said she needed health insurance. She had gone many years without it but was getting nervous about lack of coverage as she got older. Jack pre-screened her, coached her through choosing a comfortable insurance budget, presented the best choices, and promptly provided her with a new Blue Cross / Blue Shield health plan at Christine’s request.

About Jack VenturiTo her unfortunate surprise, Christine was diagnosed with cancer a year and a half later. It spread to multiple parts of her body and the doctors didn’t know if she would survive to the end of the current year. She called Jack the following week in the midst of treatment, to say, “Boy, am I ever glad I purchased that policy from you. I talked to some other people at the time who showed me policies that were more expensive and didn’t have as good as benefits as I have now. That would have changed the course of my whole life and it would have instantly wiped out my savings.”

Now Christine can go to any hospital with her Blue Cross insurance and doesn’t have to worry about insurance coverage while battling (and winning) in her fight against cancer.

What is it about Jack that has school kids, neighbors, college friends, and clients proudly standing in his corner?

“I’m am always honest with people and tell them the way it is. Any form of insurance isShriners Logo nothing less than a legally binding contract. Insuring people, the proper and professional way will give these people the protection they need with no possible gaps in coverage and no surprises down the road.”

“Keep in mind that an insurance professional must always do what is best for their client’s best interest and make sure that the policy is correctly designed so the insurance company has no other option but to pay if a claim arises.

We should all hope to have a friend like Jack.

Have you talked with Jack yet? If not, call him right now! He is waiting to help you get the life insurance you need and can afford.

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