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Affordable Life Insurance for Commercial Fisherman

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Affordable life insurance for commercial fisherman.I am sure you have seen the television shows about commercial fishing in dangerous unforgiving ocean waters such as the Bering Sea. The crabbing boats and fisherman have to contend with this type of water during the crabbing season every year. The Arctic Ocean and the Atlantic are not much better.

The rough seas of these waters can toss a heavy duty commercial fishing boat around like it was a child’s toy. This could lead to a fisherman to be washed right off the deck into the literally ice cold water or lead to a deadly slip and fall accident on the slippery deck. Getting washed into the open sea with the freezing temperatures can mean certain death from drowning or freezing to death.

Life insurance for many types commercial fishing is considered a high risk occupation and the life insurance companies charge accordingly.

When you watch television shows such as the “Deadliest Catch” as see all the potential dangers involved in this type of occupation you have to realize this lifestyle is for real. These commercial fishermen actually have to go through this type of danger on their jobs every day. Some of the greatest dangers stem from Mother Nature herself. A boat could capsize, a crew member could be washed overboard and many fatal injuries can happen on deck due to flying objects because of the rough seas tossing the boat around like a toy.

Needless to say, having affordable Term life insurance protecting you dependents is very important due to the statistics of this very dangerous occupation.

Commercial fishing of this nature is normally in the top five most dangerous jobs along with Loggers, Pilots, Miners, Roofers and Farmers. Any time the statistics are not in your favor, the life insurance for high risk occupations can cost more and sometimes be harder to acquire because some of the life insurance companies will simply not offer life insurance due to the dangers of some occupations.

We are not even taking health conditions into the overall picture. The pure risk of the occupation is enough to cause complications getting low cost life insurance for commercial fisherman. Commercial fishing, whether crabbing or lobster fishing in Alaskan waters or long line fishing for other types of fish such as tuna or swordfish, this is about as dangerous as it gets, to the point where it warrants the title of one of the world’s most dangerous jobs with no question about it. The working conditions offer one peril after another to cause a serious injury or death to the crew members.

Life insurance companies use statistics to determine how dangerous an occupation is so they know how to set their rates to match their risk factors.

The statistics show that the mortality rates for these jobs range from 2X–5X higher that the logging industry field. This occupation requires some serious though if you are considering applying for this type of work for your new occupation. I you are considering going into commercial fishing someday you should get your life insurance as soon as possible without waiting until you are already in the business facing these dangers. Either you are in the business now or not the first step is connecting with an experienced life insurance broker that can converse with the most applicable companies and get your life insurance into force.

Life insurance rates are mainly determined by you age. If you need life insurance, buy it as soon as possible.

Life insurance rates go up with every year you get older, which means the longer you wait the more you will pay.

Keep in mind that life insurance rates go up with every year as you get older. Buy now and lock in the rates. Procrastination is the worst enemy you will have if you kick the can around and leave a number of year’s lapse before you finally apply. This holds true for Term life insurance, permanent type insurance such as Universal life and Whole life. You are welcome to use our consumer quote engine to see how the rates vary between one company and another. High risk life insurance for commercial fishermen will need a pre-screen to see what company will offer you the lowest rates and quotes.

Life insurance for commercial fishermanIf you are interested in purchasing affordable life insurance, give us a call and let us help you find the best Term life insurance quotes for your high risk occupation. We work with well over 40 life insurance companies that not only are they most trusted companies with A+ financial ratings, they also have the most competitive rates as well. Feel free to contact us 7 day a week for free advice with no obligation what so ever. Thank you for visiting our blog post Affordable Life Insurance for Commercial Fisherman.

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