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Low Cost Term Life Insurance for Motorsports Racers

life insurance for nhra drag racers

Whatever racing sport you participate in, we can help you find the best life insurance product for your specific needs and budget.


1/4 Mile NHRA Drag Racing

The life insurance industry classifies drag racing, as a “hazardous sport” for the drivers of the 1/4 mile vehicles. Therefore purchasing life insurance for a drag racer will be a little more complicated that purchasing life insurance for a golfer or tennis player. The life insurance companies have relaxed on Motorsports racers and now it is a very simple process to buy life insurance. One that note, we make it even easier because this is our specialty market. We provide low cost life insurance for drag racers from the highest rated life insurers in all 50 states.

Here are some of the drag racing classes we work with on a regular basis: Pro Stock, Pro Modified, Pro Street, Pro Comp, Outlaw Super Stock, Super Gas, Rocket Dragsters, Jet Dragsters, Nitro Funny Car, Top Alcohol Funny Car, Top Alcohol Dragster, Nitro Coupe, Nostalgia Class Front Engine Dragsters, Rear Engine Dragsters, Diesel Truck, Top Sportsman, Electric Dragsters, Super Comp, Top Fuel, Stock Eliminator, Heritage Class, ET Bracket Racers, NHRA Top Doorslammer. If your car runs on Nitro Methane, Alcohol, Gasoline or any of the Rocket and Jet related fuels you can purchase affordable life insurance.

Whether or not your race car  runs a Supercharger, Turbocharger or is Naturally Aspirated there is no problem being covered. Your ET (Elapsed Time) and your top MPH are simply taken into consideration in the rating process.

Understanding the racing sports along with extensive insurance experience can make this a nice smooth process without the headaches. Working with the life insurance companies that have the most positive attitude towards the Motorsports racing world is the most important ingredient to securing the lowest rates. Don’t hesitate to call for a free Term life insurance quote right over the phone today! There is no cost or obligation for our service.

NASCAR & Oval Track Racing

life insurance for stock car racers

Needless to say that NASCAR racing like other forms of stock car racing is big business in the United States with millions of dedicated fans nationwide. Life insurance for NASCAR drivers is handled virtually the same as Drag Racing is. A “flat extra” dollar amount is added to the base premium. A stock car driver can bypass this extra fee by removing the coverage for actually driving the car down the racetrack.

If the coverage for driving on the track is removed the premium will not cost any more that a person would pay for a conventional life insurance policy with no hazardous sport involvement. The majority of the time a drivers spouse will be asking for a life insurance policy for the sole means of the driver in the family to have have coverage for the specific goal of driving a race car as its intended purpose. Affordable life insurance for drag racers and other motorsports drivers is our specialty. 

Use quoting form on the right to compare approximately 40 trusted life insurance company’s rates side by side in less than a minute!

Motorcycle Racing: Dirt Track & Paved Surface

Life insurance for motorcycle racersThere are many classifications of motorcycle racing the United States due to the fact motorcycles are so diversified in their designs and manufacturers. They can be as different as night or day but as far as life insurance goes they would fall into the same basic category when they are going down the track. Regardless of you specific version of motorcycle racing you are active in, your rates would depend on the usual rating factors such as type of class, total speeds reached while racing, experience level, type of fuel used and sometimes horsepower.

The various life insurance companies vary in the way they underwrite the life insurance applications. Just like the other classes of racing in the U.S. the life insurance policies can have an exclusion for the actual racing coverage which would prevent the premium from increasing.

Drag Boat Racing: All Classifications

Life insurance for boat racersLike the other racing sports you will see on the page, competitive boat racing is another popular sport in the United States and naturally race boat drivers needless to say have a need for life insurance just like the rest. Boat racing has made a big splash in this country in the last few years. In the past, boat racing had developed a reputation for being one of the most dangerous forms of racing but modern boat racing is getting a much better track record than ever before.

The boat designs are becoming more and more high tech with each passing year. The great part about the technology change is the fact that the safety features of the modern boats have drastically improved which can make a considerable difference in the case of a high speed boat accident. When the safety features improve, the year to year statistics of injuries and reported deaths of racing boat driver improve and improve. This will inevitably lead to lower premiums because of the risk factor. The life insurance industry is re-evaluating all forms of racing classifications and the results have been positive for an easier application process and lower premiums.

Affordable Life Insurance for Amateur and
Professional Motorsports Drivers.

How do the insurance companies calculate your rates? Here’s how it works…

If your sport is Drag Racing, Stock Car Racing, Motorcycle Racing or Boat Racing, the life insurance companies use the same formula for calculating your rates. This rating system is referred to as a “flat extra” charge which is added on to your standard base premium.

The main concept to remember is if you are applying for life insurance, the application process is a mirrored image of a conventional application that anyone else would be using that is applying for affordable Term life insurance.

Here is a simple example of how a flat extra charge is calculated to generate the final rates:

Joe is applying for a $100,000 Term life insurance policy with a premium of $750.00 per year. Joe drives a 69 Camaro 9 second bracket racer ¼ mile car that runs on gasoline and has top speeds of 160 MPH. The life insurance company adds a $2.50 flat extra charge to Joe’s policy. The flat extra charge is multiplied by every $1,000.00 in life insurance coverage.

Here is the breakdown for this example:

Flat Extra Charge – $2.50 multiplied by 100 for Joe’s Face Amount of $100,000 = $250.00

Joe’s Base Premium –  $750.00 + $250.00 Flat Extra = $1,000.00 which would represent Joe’s grand total per year.

Keep in mind that several of the companies I work with will many times waive the flat extra charge and the premium will not go up at all due to the racing the applicant is active in. This is usually done on a case by case basis. We send these companies a lot of racing business so they in turn treat us very well.

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