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Affordable Life Insurance Rates for Loggers & Lumberjacks

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Affordable Life Insurance Rates for Loggers & LumberjacksThere is no question about it; loggers have one of the most hazardous jobs around. Statistics show that logging is even more dangerous than private Airplane Pilots, Farmers and Ranchers, Truck Drivers and Miners. Their normal working conditions include just about everything that Mother Nature can possibly dish out.

For example, rain, ice and snow, wild animals such as bears, and venomous snakes are just some of the dangers logger’s face in their everyday working environment. The terrain is very rugged and there are very few paths or roads to use for travel.

Just about every tool a logger uses is usually very heavy or very sharp which could trigger an injury very easily.

New safety related tools, training and helicopter air lift for injured loggers have improved their working conditions and help to prevent on the job accidents or offer a faster way to seek medical attention. Life insurance companies have the option of either declining a logger’s application or at least charge a considerable percentage above and beyond the standard premium to compensate for the added risk they are taking. Some of the most popular states in the logging industry are Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Maine, Alaska and Montana.

Loggers have many duties that can increase the cost of their high risk life insurance rates or even lower the rates. Their rates should be bases on their exact duties. 

Loggers still have a considerable amount of heavy manual labor that has to be done by hand. There is a lot of heavy equipment that has entered the industry such as high tech machines that will approach a given tree, hold the tree into position and use its own high speed power saw to fell the tree with ease with no physical contact on the part of the worker. One of the tasks they face is the project of just getting their crew into their job-site area where the trees to process are waiting for them.

This is normally going to be a remote area in the forest with sometime no actually roads to take. The commuting distances they have to make are usually very long. Bunkhouses or mobile homes are commonly used to offer living quarters to the loggers when the traveling distance becomes excessive. If you would like to good idea on how much life insurance you need, please use our life insurance face amount calculator.

Life insurance companies also base their life insurance rates on the fact that medical attention is usually far away and traveling to a hospital is a time consuming task.

Pre-screening a loggers request for high risk life insurance will be based on a lot important questions they will need answered. For example what is the exact job description and duties of the applicant, the experience level of the applicant and what formal training has he had. The life insurance underwriters have to put together a total picture of what the applicant does each day in order to properly process the application.

Some loggers have an excellent record and never had any serious injuries to speak of. It can make a difference depending if the logger is a machine operator, a “faller” which actually cuts the tree down known as falling the tree, “chokers” who are the ones that drag out the chains to attach to the fallen tree to either lift it out by helicopter of with the use heavy machinery. Life insurance quotes and rates for loggers can vary with these questions and answers.

Finding the best life insurance rates for loggers takes experience and having a large list of life insurance companies to choose from is very important to find the lowest rates.

Affordable Life Insurance Rates for Loggers & LumberjacksWhen most people compare Term life insurance quotes on modern quoting engines their biggest variable will be their health history straight across the board. In the case of a logger, his application will be dependent not only on his health history, but mainly on the dangers of his occupation instead. In order to find out which life insurance will have the most affordable life insurance rates will depend on which company will over the lowest life insurance premiums to the applicant.

Each and every life insurance company has their own niche markets attitudes toward the different job occupations that they like or not like to offer life insurance products. Our biggest market is securing high risk life insurance for an affordable cost for folks with hazardous occupations or serious medical conditions.

If you are looking for any form of life insurance products such as Term life insurance, Universal life or Whole Life, we can help you secure the best life insurance with the lowest rates possible.

Feel free to contact us 7 days a week for no cost or obligation help so you can find the best life insurance for your specific needs. We utilize over 40 trusted life insurance companies with the most competitive rates. Run our consumer quote engine to see a side by side comparison of each company and their rates. Thank you very much for visiting our blog and read our post on Affordable Life Insurance Rates for Loggers & Lumberjacks.

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