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Life Insurance for Scuba Divers – How to Get the Lowest Rates

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Term life insurance for scuba diversThere is no question about it, scuba diving is about as fun as it gets, but it must be taken seriously. Many people that think about Scuba Diving always worry about sharks and other sea life when the actual water itself can be your worst enemy if you get careless or panic underwater. Your best asset is the expert training you received to get certified. This is an awesome sport but if you make a mistake you may not ever get a second chance. Purchasing life insurance for Scuba Divers is a very simple process even though it is considered a hazardous sport by the life insurance industry. This blog post is designed to help you purchase life insurance for Scuba Divers and make sure you receive the lowest rates possible.

Scuba diving may be considered a hazardous sport, but you can make it a very safe sport by going by the book and don’t take careless chances.

I am a certified NAUI Scuba Diver so I totally understand this sport. I started scuba diving in 1978 andlow cost term life insurance for scuba divers nobody really understands how great this sport really is especially if they have never done it before. Many people believe that life insurance for scuba divers is going to be expensive and hard to get. Depending on your diving habits, this statement could very possibly be a total misconception. Many variables come into the picture when analyzing a scuba divers application for an affordable life insurance policy.

The first important factor is the training and certification of the diver in question. Remember the fact that even to get your tank refilled with compressed air you must be certified by “PADI” (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) or “NAUI” (National Association of Diving Instructors) which happens to be my certification agency or an equivalent. Classroom instruction with a written exam at the end and open water testing is mandatory to be a certified scuba diver. Your safety underwater depends on your knowledge of the sport. Make sure you always dive with an experienced buddy and never go into the water if you do not feel good or are under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Just a case of the sniffles could cause a major problem equalizing the pressure in your head when you are deep underwater.

Is it possible to find Term life insurance with low rates for Scuba Divers?

low cost life insurance for scuba diversThe answer is, most definitely. You can receive affordable life insurance for Scuba Divers but it will take a little more work on your agents part. Lets back up for one second. Don’t waste your time running quotes on every website on the internet if your a Scuba Diver because you will need help from an insurance professional right from the get go on this one. A life insurance agent will collect your basic details about your sport of Scuba Diving and then pre-screen this information by contacting the most appropriate life insurance companies to see who will give you the lowest rate.

This will depend on where you dive, how much you dive, what is your experience level and don’t forget all of the normal information that enters the picture like your health history. Your agent will find out what carrier will give you the best life insurance quotes for Scuba Divers and then the ball is in your court. Finding the lowest rates is not a problem for an experienced life insurance agent to help you with. A number of companies will come through with the best Term life insurance quotes for Scuba Divers so rest assured you can purchase the coverage you need and it will not break the bank.

The best Term life insurance quotes can depend on these questions below.

There are a number of important factors that the carriers take into consideration when underwriting processes an application for a Scuba Divers life insurance application. Here are lists of these important questions the underwriters will want answered:
• Are you a certified scuba diver (this will be mandatory)?
• How many dives per year do you complete?
• How deep do you normally dive? (Diving deeper than 75-100 feet can trigger a rate-up which means a higher premium.
• Do you cave dive, wreck dive, ice or salvage dive?
• Do you perform any rescue dives or dive for hire?

There are several excellent life insurance companies that offer low term life insurance rates for Scuba divers.

Naturally Scuba Divers are going to be looking for the lowest life insurance rates possible. That is wherebest life insurance for scuba divers the agent comes into play to shop the market for their perspective client. Such companies as Banner Life, American General, AXA, Genworth and Fidelity Life come back with some very good rates for scuba divers.

If you only dive on occasion and normally dive in shallow waters you should find best and most affordable life insurance rates because the risk fact is greatly reduced in comparison to a professional scuba diver that dives to earn an income which would definitely place this person in a high risk life insurance classification. If you hold a certification as an “Instructor” or “Advanced” diver, this will help lower your premiums with many of the companies.

Feel free to use our life insurance quoting  engine on the right to see what companies are available and get a general idea how much life insurance would cost for your age and face amount. We work with over 40 trusted companies so we make we leave no rock unturned when it comes to finding the lowest Term life insurance rates you can qualify for.

Anytime we go through a quoting process where there are health condition or a hazardous sport or occupation to be concerned with, we will pre-screen the applicant information with multiple life insurance companies to see who will give them the lowest rates.

The more experience and training you have will play an important roll in receiving the best life insurances quotes for Scuba Divers.

best term life insurance for scuba diversThe more Scuba training you have the better it is for the safety of the diver. Your knowledge level and experience can mean the difference between having a good safe time diving or possibly an emergency ride to the hospital or worse. Making a mistake on dry land is one thing, but making a mistake in the water can cost you your life. Large bodies of water are very unforgiving if you make a mistake. Sharks can sometimes be the least of your worries.

Scuba diving should be a very safe sport with the help of good instructors, a good diving partner, proper equipment and the use of good common sense. If you are looking for the best and the most affordable life insurance for scuba divers, give us a call today and we can show you all your options for Term and Universal Life plan designs. Feel free to contact us 7 days a week with any questions you might have.

Check out our About Us page to learn more about us and our excellent life insurance products that offer the lowest rates so you don’t have to spend any more premium dollars than you have to. I hope this blog post has helped you understand more about purchasing life insurance and has answered some of your questions. Don’t hesitate to use our quote engine to run your own quotes and compare the most competitive companies side by side in less than a minute.


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