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Best Term Life Insurance Quotes for Smokers

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Best Term Life Insurance for SmokersIf you’re a smoker or use virtually any type of tobacco products and you have purchased life or health insurance in the past, you must know by now that your tobacco use will cost you an additional tobacco rate when you buy these types of insurance products. If will find the largest impact on rates will be reflected when you apply for Term life insurance or any of the other policies such as permanent Universal life plan designs.

This is a result of the best life insurance companies use statistics to analyze how to price the policies and smokers rates go up simply to the fact they are a much higher risk for medical problems such as Cancer and heart disease caused by the use of cigarettes, cigars and pipe use. Even you are in perfect health when you purchase the policy your health can deteriorate rapidly from the use of tobacco.

Life insurance companies identify snuff and chewing tobacco as a product that can also cause health problems.

Even if you just use snuff or chewing tobacco product your life could be in jeopardy down the road due to mouth and throat Cancer. Any form of tobacco use triggers an additional rating which increases the cost of the life insurance when you apply for term life insurance. Even the best term life insurance companies that are known as the most liberal in the underwriting department will take your tobacco use into strong consideration.

If you smoke very little or use only chewing types of tobacco, this will be a plus in your favor vs. something like a heavy cigarette user. It is critical to use one of the carriers that normally offer the lowest rates to smokers. If you run our consumer quote engine on this blog post page, you will find out who would offer you the lowest rates and give you the best term life insurance quotes for smokers.

Life insurance companies carefully research the negative effects of smoking.

Life insurance companies do not just pull numbers out of the air when it comes to calculating the additional costs for tobacco users. The life insurance companies for smokers spend a lot of time and money researching the effects of tobacco on the human body regardless of what form of tobacco it is. The golden rule is always disclosing the full history of your tobacco use if and when you apply for a term life insurance.

The life insurance underwriters take into consideration what type of tobacco you use and how much you use when reviewing your application. If you do not disclose you tobacco use or downplay your tobacco consumption you claim could be declined and your beneficiary could receive a letter from the insurance company stating they are going to use the omission of the tobacco use as a foundation for not paying out on the death claim.

Life insurance companies charge a tobacco rate for cigarette smokers, cigar, pipe and tobacco chewers alike.

When life insurance companies charge double or triple the premium for a smoker it is not because they want to overcharge the applicant. They charge more premium dollars to the fact that tobacco use in any shape or form is simply very bad for your health and can easily reduce your life expectancy which in turn raises the risk of insuring your life. The best path to take when you are a smoker and you want to apply for term life insurance is to contact an agent and let your agent use his experience to find you the lowest term life insurance quotes for smokers.

When you get right down to it, smoking is in the same high risk category as a scuba diver, skydiver or race car driver. Dangerous occupations and sports could reduce your life expectancy just like tobacco use can. Smoking can even be more dangerous especially with the threat of lung Cancer, Emphysema, Hypertension, COPD and many other tobacco related medical conditions that can end your life before its time.

Tobacco use in any shape or form can shorten your life.

Our best advice is to slow down on your tobacco consumption with the goal that you’re going to eventually stop using tobacco not just to get the best life insurance quotes but to stop damaging your heart and respiratory system which especially cigarette smoking is so famous for.

If you run our quote engine you can run a quote as a non-smoker and then toggle the setting for tobacco use to re-quote the exact same plan design to see the considerable difference in what a smoker would pay for life insurance as compared to what a non-smoker would pay.

If that does not encourage you to stop smoking nothing will. The volume of people smoking and using other forms of tobacco has gone down considerably due to advice from the family doctor and article you can review that discuss the effects of cigarette smoking especially.

Underwriters are more knowledgeable about the effects of smoking and chewing tobacco.

Life insurance for tobacco chewersAs the years have gone by, the life insurance company Underwriters and Actuaries take the whole picture under advisement and carefully consider what form of tobacco you use and to what degree you use them which can end up with lowers rates that you would find in the past years. If you contact us we will give you a list of term life insurance quotes for smokers and locate the lowest possible premium for you at no cost or obligation.

Our service is always free. The key is having an arsenal of companies to choose from vs. just one carrier as a captive agent would from an agency such as State Farm, Allstate or Farmers. As independent agents otherwise known as brokers, we us many life insurance companies over 40 to be exact which permits us and gives us the advantage of locating the lowest premium possible.

Contact us 7 days a week for life insurance rates for smokers with no cost or obligation.

Feel free to contact us 7 days a week for any questions you may have concerning life insurance and a complete a full list of carriers and there perspective term life insurance quotes for smokers.

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