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Can Your Cellular Phone Cause Cancer? Here are the Facts

Jack Venturi Health Comments Off on Can Your Cellular Phone Cause Cancer? Here are the Facts

Can Your Cellular Phone Cause Cancer?As I am sure you already know, periodically reports are released in the United States warning people of new dangers that have been found. At one time the alert concerned the dangers of the common chicken egg which was one of the most common breakfast foods in America. It was said that eggs cause high Cholesterol and people should either stop eating them or limit their consumption of eggs. Another report came out with a health alert for people that use artificial sugar products that replaced natural sugar. One of the newer reports indicate that cell phones may very well have Cancer causing effects especially on the human brain. Let’s dig in to this new alert concerning cells phones and find out if there is any truth to this or is this just another wrong number.

The very first cell phone was introduced by the Motorola Corporation

Martin Cooper who was a member of the research team of MotorolaCan Your Cellular Phone Cause Cancer? produced the very first mobile telephone and placed the first mobile phone telephone call on April 3rd 1973. He placed the call to Dr. Joel Engel of Bell Labs. This is where it all began and from there the mobile telephone has turned into one of the most important products that people use today. Most people would never dream of living without its convenience. Even young children have their own cell phone so their parents can keep track of them.

There are over 6,800,000,000 (over 6 trillion!) cell phones in service in the world today.

In the United States alone we have over 327,577,529 mobile phones. These numbers were taken from a study in the year 2014. There is an expected number exceeding over 350 million cell phones by the end of the year 2015. Now that we have some history of these extremely popular devices, let’s take a close look at the possible harmful effects.

The amount of time people are actively using a cell phone has increased drastically through the years.

The modern Cell phones which include the high tech Smart Phones give off a form of energy known as RF waves which stand for radiofrequencies. This is what has raised some serious questions about the actual safety of cellular telephone use. In reference to cancer, this concern focuses on whether cell phones may increase the risk of brain tumors or other forms of tumors in the head and neck area of our bodies.

How do these modern day wonders actually work?

Can Your Cellular Phone Cause Cancer?Cell phones work by sending electronic signals to and from the cell phone tower that are spread out all over the world. These electronic signals are the RF waves I previously spoke about. These waves are a form of electromagnetic energy that falls between the common FM radio waves and microwaves like used in a microwave oven. These waves are a form of what is called non-ionizing radiation. These waves simply don’t have enough power intensity and energy to cause cancer by directly causing damage to the brain cells. RF waves are a much weaker than the stronger types of radiation such as x-rays, gamma rays, and UV ultraviolet light, which can damage the bonds of our DNA.

People are exposed to the RF waves by holding their cell phones up against their head.

The actual Radio Waves are normally emitted from the cellular phonesCan Your Cellular Phone Cause Cancer? antenna. The waves are strongest at the antenna and then lose their energy as they travel away from the phone. Cell phones are normally placed against the side of one’s head when they are in use. The closer the antenna is to a person’s head, the greater the chances are for absorbing these dangerous waves. Many factors can affect the amount of RF energy to which a person is exposed, including the amount of time the individual is on the phone. Using a speakerphone or a Blue Tooth headset can drastically deduce the intensity of the RF waves.

Here are some interesting cell phone facts to remember.

* The distance and path to the nearest cell phone tower. Cell phones adjust their power to use the minimum amount for a good signal. Being farther away from the tower requires more energy needs to be used to get a good signal, as does being inside a building.

* The amount of cell phone traffic in the area at the time. Higher traffic may require more energy to get a good signal.

* The model of phone being used can make a difference. Different phones give off different amounts of RF energy.

Can cell phones actually cause brain tumors or not?

Can Your Cellular Phone Cause Cancer?There have been many studies based on this question but there has never been any solid evidence to prove the cell phones are actually causing medical issues.Due to the fact that cell phones are held near the head when being used, the number one concern has been whether they might cause or contribute to tumors in this area of the body which would possibly include:

* Malignant cancerous brain tumors Gliomas.
* Non-cancerous tumors such as Meningioma’s.
* Non-cancerous tumors of the salivary glands.
* Possible skin Cancer.

When the smoke clears, what does the laboratory test actually show?

As I have mentioned above, the RF waves given off by cell phonesCan Your Cellular Phone Cause Cancer? simply do not have enough energy to damage your DNA or to create body tissues destruction. The experts claim due to these findings, the use of cell phones does not have enough energy to cause Cancer to cellular phone users. As time goes by there will be more testing concerning cell phones and a possible link to brain cancer but for now you can feel safe using your new phone. Using a Blue Tooth headset, text messaging in place of speaking on the phone can cut down any exposure you now currently have to RF rays.

Your biggest concern should be the risk of a deadly highway accident from talking on the cell phone while driving. Radiation RF levels could be the least of your problems.

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