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Hazardous Sports and Life Insurance

Most people never consider hazardous sports until they go to apply for life insurance Did you ever stop to think that your favorite sport might affect the cost of your new life insurance premiums? There are a number of hazardous sports and hobbies that could play an important factor in receiving the best rates. This article will cover the most hazardous sports that could cause you to pay more than you expected for life insurance. Some of these sports will surprise you. Some specific sports can affect your rates Some popular sports will play a key part when trying to secure …

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The Top Eight Most Dangerous Sports

Knowing which sports have the most injuries can help you choose the safest sport When you think of the most dangerous sports, your initial reaction may be to steer clear of adventure sports like skydiving or bungee jumping, but the reality is that the danger is much closer to home. Do you happen to play football or soccer? Then be careful. You may be surprised to learn that these sports have some of the highest rates of reported injuries per year. Some sports that may appear to be safe may produce more injuries.     Cheerleading Research shows that cheerleading …

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Life Insurance for Motorcycle Racers

Finding life insurance for motorcycle racers is simple and straightforward Competitive motorcycle racers either on the drag strip or the dirt track encounter a high risk. When applying for life insurance for motorcycles racers, this should never be a problem. There are multiple companies that work great for purchasing life insurance for motorcycle racing. Just because you race motorcycles does not mean that you have to pay high life insurance premiums. You have to apply with a life insurance company that offers the lowest rates for motorcycle racers and is the least sensitive toward the motorcycle racing sport in general. …

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