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Life Insurance for Marijuana Users

Purchasing Life Insurance for Marijuana Users is as Simple as Rolling a Joint!  Applying for life insurance for marijuana users is simple and easy. If you thought your marijuana smoking was going to represent a problem, it’s not. Many companies will allow you to smoke marijuana and not even add a smoker rate to the policy. It does not get any better than this! We use companies that are marijuana friendly to get the very best rates. Just keep reading and we will show you what you need to know to apply and get very low preferred rates.     …

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Life Insurance for NRA Members

Purchasing Life Insurance for NRA Members Is Simple. But, the NRA Does Not Sell Life Insurance! Millions of gun owners including myself have been NRA members for many years and I will always continue with the tradition. The NRA is one of the greatest organizations ever created and we would have lost our 2nd amendment rights a long time ago without them. The one fact you probably don’t realize is, they do not sell life insurance either now or in the past. They have never been in business selling any form of insurance products much less life insurance as I …

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Life Insurance for Masons

  Shopping for life insurance for Masons? You’ve come to the right place! Dear brothers, you have some great choices for life insurance for Masons along with many top rated life insurance companies. It’s time to learn more about all these choices and have a better understanding of life insurance. As a Mason myself with over 40 years in the fraternity (Hinsdale Lodge #934). I want to make sure that all my fraternity brothers know how to purchase the best policy for their needs. Purchasing Masonic life insurance is an important step. It pays to take your time and do your …

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