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Life Insurance for Marijuana Smokers

Purchasing life insurance for marijuana smokers is as simple as rolling a joint!  Applying for life insurance for marijuana smokers is simple and easy. You can compare the rates from over 40 of the top rated companies in less than a minute. Now you can even apply over the phone within 15-20 minutes eliminating the long paper or online applications. Many companies will allow you to smoke marijuana and not even add a smoker rate to the policy. It does not get any better than this! We use companies that pro-marijuana all the way.   Smoking marijuana in many cases will …

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Life Insurance for NRA Members

Purchasing life insurance for NRA members is easy, but the NRA does not sell life insurance I have been an NRA member all of my adult life and I will always continue to always do so. I love the National Rifle Association and in my opinion they are one of the greatest organizations ever created. The one fact you probably don’t know is, they do not sell life insurance. They have never been in business selling life insurance as I will explain below. If you are shopping for life insurance for NRA members and you are an NRA member, this …

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Masonic Life Insurance

  Shopping for life insurance for Masons? You’ve come to the right place! OK guys, you have an arsenal of great choices from many top rated life insurance companies. It’s time to learn more about all these choices and have a better understanding of life insurance all together. As a Mason myself with over 40 years in the fraternity (Hinsdale Lodge #934). I want to make sure all of our brothers in our fraternity know how to secure the best policy for their needs. Purchasing Masonic life insurance is an important step. It pays to take your time and do your …

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