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Universal Life Insurance

You know what Term life insurance is, but what about Universal life? Unlike its Term Life insurance counterpart, Universal Life insurance is permanent insurance which will never terminate leaving you without coverage for your dependents. Let’s jump in and explain what this product is all about and see if it would it be a good fit for you. If you are planning on purchasing life insurance, you should be aware of the basic forms of life insurance and how they work. If you need life insurance for just a limited amount of time or for the rest of your life, …

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Return of Premium Life Insurance

Return of premium life insurance will send your premium dollars right back to your wallet! Return of premium life insurance (ROP) policies create a boomerang effect for your premium dollars. Your premiums initially are paid to your insurance company to pay your premiums. After your term period expires and you are still alive (like most do) every penny paid in year after year is now added up and returned to you in the form of a nice big tax free check.  If you purchase a return of premium life insurance policy and you die within that time. Your beneficiary will …

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No Medical Exam Life Insurance

Applying for No Medical Exam life insurance eliminates the need for a physical!  No medical exam life insurance not only eliminates the need for a medical exam. But these policies can also be approved in less than 24 hours too. There are a lot of excellent life insurance product types available today. One of them is definitely No Medical Exam life insurance. Many people today are choosing this plan design over the fully underwritten versions. The biggest fears that people have when they consider buying conventional plan is the Para-Med nurse’s visit. A nurse would normally visit the applicants home …

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