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Do You Really Need a Life Insurance Agent?

Jack Venturi Life Insurance Comments Off on Do You Really Need a Life Insurance Agent?

Life insurance agentsThe answer to this question is pretty simple, yes you do. That is if you are planning on purchasing the correct plan design for your specific needs and paying as least as possible. Life Insurance agents are formally educated in life insurance products such as Term life insurance, Universal life insurance, Whole Life and the product list goes on and on. When you run a websites quoting engine you know how confusing all this insurance jargon can be because you probably sitting there scratching your head and developing a headache in the process.

Life insurance agents take all the guess work out of this process and can direct you to the right policy within minutes of giving him or her your details.

What are some of the real benefits does an insurance professional offer his client vs. purchasing life insurance direct from a carrier?

Most of the time when a consumer purchases his life insurance direct from a carrier, they actually believe it is going to be cheaper. The most important concept to remember is life insurance rates just like any other insurance product is regulated by law, plain and simple. Rates do not vary no matter where you buy your insurance. You can verify that by calling your states Department of Insurance.

When a consumer buys direct he is shooting himself in the foot because the life insurance company they have on the phone is not going to shop the market with multiple companies and negotiate the best rate class possible. You could be easily speaking with someone that last month was flipping hamburgers for Burger King and now they work for a life insurance company stuffing misguided people into a life insurance policy of some sort.

High risk life insurance such as Term life insurance for a Diabetic or an individual with a dangerous occupation will require a special touch.

If an applicant has health conditions, a hazardous occupation or sport will require a life insurance agent to perform some out of the ordinary services to pre-screen what life insurance company will make the best offer or sometimes if the health conditions are bad enough make an offer period instead of a flat out decline.

This is where an agent will really earn his pay. This scenario is very common and not all applicants have a slam dunk type application. Most people are looking for low cost life insurance for their dependents and the agents will make all the difference in the world. Keep in mind that these people work in this environment every day and know how to get their client the most affordable Term life insurance possible.

Comparing Term life insurance quotes on a modern quoting engine is quick and simple for the both the agent and the consumer.

Many life insurance agents have websites equipped with quoting engines which will allow them to compare Term and Universal life insurance quotes from well over 40 life insurance companies side by side. Reviewing life insurance quotes on a quote engine is fast and simple. Whatever questions you have you can simply ask your agent and get fast on the spot answers instead of looking at life insurance jargon that you simply do not understand which is only normal.

Many people get totally confused when shopping for any insurance product. The agent’s job is to watch out for his clients best interests. This is very similar when hiring a Lawyer or an Accountant. The decisions you make when purchasing your life insurance today when you’re young and healthy will be crucial down the road when you’re elderly and finally passing on triggering the payout of the policy.

When a person considers purchasing life insurance without an agent, they are passing up professional assistance at no cost.

Low cost life insuranceIf you want your legal questions answered you hire a Lawyer. If you want your taxes prepared you hire an Accountant. If you want the best life insurance plan with the lowest premium you reach out to an experienced licensed insurance agent. The only exception is the life insurance agent is at your service at absolutely no cost.

So actually trying to find the right insurance policy without connecting with an agent or broker would be an IQ test in itself. How many people today can you hire with no cost attached? There are a lot of good agents out there ready to help you. If you do not really care about the premium or getting the correct plan design then calling a carrier direct is not a bad way to go.

If you need any help or you have any questions, feel free to contact us 7 days a week. We can show you first-hand how important an agent is when purchasing life insurance. Thank you very much for visiting our website and reading our blog post, do you really need a life insurance agent?

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