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High Risk Life Insurance for Hazardous Occupations

Jack Venturi General Comments Off on High Risk Life Insurance for Hazardous Occupations

Life insurance for Iron WorkersMost of the Americans in the work force have safe occupations with very little risk of getting injured or killed. These white collar people can be anything from office workers such as accountants, bankers, school teachers and medical personnel for example.

Another class would be the blue collar occupations such as fork lift drivers, machinists, welders and auto mechanics and plumbers, I am sure you get the idea. Then you have the high risk category which would include such jobs Loggers, Roofers, Farmers, Ranchers and airplane pilots. High Risk life insurance is not just limited to serious pre-existing health conditions. This post is based on the folks with the high risk jobs that have the worst possible statistics.

High Risk Term life insurance is also referred to as “Impaired Risk”

Here is a basic list of the occupations that are considered the most hazardous occupations.
• Logging workers otherwise known as Lumberjacks.
• Commercial Fisherman working in the oceans.
• Airplane and Helicopter Pilots along with Flight Engineers.
• Roofers, especially the commercial roofer working with hot tar.
• Iron and Steel Workers working on tall high rise buildings.
• Farmers and Ranchers especially working with large livestock.
• Truck Divers, long and short haul.
• Construction Works, residential and commercial.
• Electrical Power Line Repairmen
• Refuse and Garbage Collectors.

All these occupations in this list have one concept in common. They will normally have higher premiums associated with them when it comes to purchasing life insurance.

Life insurance for Commercial FishermanHigh Risk life insurance can still be very affordable to purchase when you are using an insurance company that is less risk sensitive for the occupation in question. The one advantage we have is we have access to over 40 competitive life insurance companies to work with. This holds true to applicants with serious health conditions which will have the same effect as dangerous occupations when it comes to the final premium. When we shop for low cost life insurance for one of our clients we will conduct a pre-screen by collecting some of the important details of one’s job and then contacting some of the most applicable companies to see who would be planning on making the very best offer to the applicant.

Shopping the market for low cost life insurance requires extensive experience and additional training to become proficient.

Comparing Affordable Term life insurance quotes on a modern life insurance quoting engine will be a smart move but onlyLife insurance for Loggers after the pre-screen so we know what the most logical rate class will be. If a person has a hazardous job that places them in a high risk rate class they should consult with an experienced agent right from the get go and not waste any valuable time. We have well over 20 years helping clients find to lowest premium along with having their life insurance with a very stable and highly rated life insurance company.

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