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Life Insurance for Alcoholics

Life Insurance for Alcoholics and Recovering Alcoholics | The Definitive Guide for [2021]

Believe it or not, most heavy drinkers are not alcoholics. Applying for life insurance for heavy drinkers and recovering alcoholics islife insurance for alcoholics photo no longer a complicated process using the propers insurers.  Before we talk about how to shop for life insurance. Let’s talk about how it affects the human body and how the life insurance companies view this very commonly used drug.

After you read this article you should be much more knowledgeable with a life insurance companies viewpoints of alcohol and the application process. Take a moment to read the information below. It will help you understand the effects of this chemical on the human body. It will also enable you to understand how life insurance companies observe these beverages in their use and abuse.



How to Purchase Life Insurance for Alcoholics

If you are a very heavy drinker or a flat out alcoholic. You will find that applying for life insurance at this point in time will be a little challenging. The life insurance companies know that the side effects of this chemical may have probably already done damage to your internal organs. If they are not already damaged now, they certainly will in the future if you keep on drinking heavy.

Some alcoholics will be declined when they go to apply depending on their current overall health. Just the heart and liver damage alone is enough to shorten your life. If you are shopping for life insurance for alcoholics, you may want to wait until you can slow down on your drinking. Contact us and we can go over all your options depending on how much you actually drink per day.


Life Insurance Quotes for Recovering Alcoholics

When I talk about an actual heavy alcohol drinker. I refer to people that consume an extremely high degree of alcohol and this is usually done on a day to day basis. If you look at yourself as an alcohol abuser, you may possibly be an actual alcoholic that is totally addicted to the chemical. This puts yourself into a much higher life insurance risk rate classification.

The first thing you should do is contact an independent insurance agent like ourselves to run a quick 10 minute pre-screen to get an idea what would happen if you submitted an application. Do not just jump in and apply before prescreening your health and degree of use. This can either make or break your application.


Alcoholic Beverages Can Cause Irreversible Damage to the Nervous System

This is another topic of concern with the life insurance carriers, and that is brain damage from constant use of alcohol. A person’s brain is basically a computer to make everything on your body to work in unison. The brain is actually known as the Central Nervous System that totally controls your body. This is unless something else like alcohol is controlling your brain. If a person’s brain has been hit with large quantities of this drug, everything begins to shut down. Eventually a person could pass out or die if enough has been consumed. As the time goes by, irreversible damage can be inflicted on the brain.


Common Questions Heavy Drinkers Ask

  • Does life insurance for drinkers actually cover a related death?
  • Is there a life insurance test for this drug?
  • Is there a life insurance questionnaire for alcoholics?
  • What type of alcoholic are you?
  • Does life insurance cover Cirrhosis of the Liver?
  • Can a recovering alcoholic get life insurance?
  • Will I have to take a CDT alcohol marker test?
  • What is the Carbohydrate Deficient Transferrin CDT test?
  • Will the insurance company check for elevated liver enzymes?

How the Insurers Look at Alcohol Use

Anytime you drink, this drug is immediately absorbed into your bloodstream and affects every single part of your body. As the time goes by this can put your health at serious risk and even inflict death. The life insurance companies are always concerned a vast number of medical conditions now or in the future such as:

  • Pancreas Problems and Damage
  • Possible Onset of Diabetes
  • Lack of Coordination Issues
  • Passing Out (sudden blackouts)
  • Vision Problems
  • Becoming Totally Addicted to Alcohol
  • Stomach Ulcers
  • Major Chronic Fatigue
  • Becoming Infertile for Women
  • Severe Liver Damage 
  • Slurring of the Speech
  • Scary Hallucinations
  • Malnutrition from Not Eating Properly
  • Heart Destruction from Heart Valves to Cardiomyopathy
  • Alcohol Related Birth Defects in Women Having Babies


How Important is a CDT Test?

Transferrin is a very important protein substance found in the blood that carries the valuable iron to the bone marrow, liver, and spleen. When someone drinks in excess, it drastically increases certain types of transferrin that are carbohydrate-deficient. When the carbohydrate deficient transferrin steadily increases, it can be measured in the bloodstream and therefore is an  accurate marker of the degree of abuse.

Why Is CDT Testing Always So Important?

A very important study that used CDT testing among patients with hypertension and diabetes found that of the 804 patients involved in the study. Over 11 percent of the people with diabetes and 17 percent of those with hypertension, were drinking harmful amounts of alcoholic beverages. CDT testing is very commonly used with doctors and life insurance companies.

How a CDT Test Actually Works

People who do not consume alcohol or just use small quantities will have much lower carbohydrate deficient transferrin test levels in their bloodstream. On the other hand, the people who drink five or more drinks a day for at least five days a week for approximately two weeks prior to the testing will have CDT at much higher levels. 

The CDT testing is extremely accurate in detecting that the individual is drinking heavily. If the person stops drinking or slows down, the CDT levels will also go down. Then if they start drinking heavily again, the levels will jump up to a high degree. This test acts like a fuel gauge for the amount of alcohol consumed and is left in the body.


Rate Classes the Carriers Use to Determine Your Premiums

Preferred Best

For above average healthy applicants. These are the very best class you can be assigned. About 10% of all applicants qualify for preferred best rates.


For healthy applicants that may have  minor health conditions. For example some conditions such as high blood pressure or high cholesterol controlled by drugs can fall into a preferred classification.

Standard Plus

For relatively healthy applicants that may have multiple or slightly more serious conditions.


This class is for applicants that may have several more serious medical conditions.

Substandard Classes

Substandard health classes can use table ratings which normally begins with A and goes down to the letter J. Some companies will use the number system which would be 1-10. For example “Standard Rate Table B” or “Standard Rate Table 2”.


Applying for No Medical Exam Life Insurance Policy Will Eliminate Taking a Medical Exam

You have the option of applying for life insurance with no medical exam. If you go this route you will not have to take a physical exam. Purchasing life insurance with no medical exam can also means not having to produce medical records from you doctor’s office. All of the best life insurance companies have this option with your choice of plan designs.

Quite a few people that apply for life insurance for alcohol drinkers find that this is a very good route to take. The turnaround time can also be very quick with approvals between 24 to 48 hours. If you simply do not want to take a medical exam. You can still get some of the very good life insurance rates with no medical exam  life insurance. A fully underwritten policy normally takes between a month to six weeks to approve.

Instantly Compare Life Insurance Quotes for Alcoholics

If you are ready to start comparing plans designs and premiums. You can begin comparing the lowest rates from the most competitive companies in your state. All of the best rates from over 40 life insurance companies are displayed on our instant quoting system. We can give you a more accurate quote if you have any health concerns by giving us a call. We utilize over 40 life insurance companies to make sure you receive the lowest rates possible. 

You will find that affordable term life insurance will be the most cost effective with no close second. 

In Conclusion

If you are looking to find the best life insurance rates for recovering alcoholics, we’ve got you covered. There is never anyrecovering alcoholics photo cost to apply and the companies pay all expenses. Check out our let’s get started webpage for more useful information on life insurance and the application process. Making sure you get the best life insurance with the lowest premiums is what a good agent is for. 

All the best,
Jack Venturi

Schedule a specific time to discuss all your questions and concerns with no cost or obligation. Applying for life insurance for heavy drinkers can be a little more challenging and the more you know the better before you apply.

Many thanks to the expert resources at the  National Institute on Alcohol Abuse

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