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Life Insurance for NASCAR & Stock Car Drivers with Affordable Rates

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Life insurance for stock car racers

Life insurance companies have viewed the auto racing sports as a high risk category for providing life insurance, but a lot has changed through the years. If you drive a high tech NASCAR stock car or a more mild version at your local racetrack, you can easily purchase affordable Term life insurance at very affordable rates. I have written this article to show you how simple it can be especially when you are using an experienced agent with an auto racing background.

We are going to explain how this process works so you can see how simple and easy this application process should be to purchase life insurance for stock car drivers. Thanks to all the safety rules and equipment the cars and drivers have to comply with, the rates have gone down due to a very low claims history. The lower the risk, the lower the premiums.

NASCAR stock car drivers and NHRA drag racers will have no problem purchasing life insurance and the rates are very affordable.

Stock car racers and drag racers are both in the same classification when it comes to life insurance. When a stock car driver wants to apply for Term life insurance or permanent Universal Life insurance for that matter, this first step is to answer some basic questions about their auto racing sport, experience level and racing classification. Here are some of the simple questions you will need to answer when applying for life insurance for stock car drivers. This list will be the same for actual NASCAR driver and other forms of stock car racing.

  • Name of actual racing classification.
  • Top speed MPH achieved when racing.
  • How many times do you race annually?
  • Type of fuel used by your race car.
  • Experience level.
  • Professional or amateur.

That is basically it for the questions you will find on a hazardous sports questionnaire. TheTerm life insurance for stock car drivers companies I use for the racing sports are no stranger to this type of underwriting and they offer the lowest rates with the simplest type of application which is easily completed over the telephone. It does not get any simpler than this. Nobody likes to have a long drawn out process when applying for life insurance. Applying for life insurance for stock car racers is a very simple process and there are no hidden costs or exclusions built into the life insurance policies.

You have one important option to consider. If you want to apply for life insurance and you drive a stock car on the amateur or professional level, you could apply with a company that will allow you to exclude the coverage for actually driving your race car. This would mean you would not be covered while racing. The other side of the coin is whatever health rate class you would fall into, that would be the class you would receive and you would not have any additional expense just as if you never raced at all. This is how you can buy life insurance and get the lowest preferred rates. Some people like this concept and some people want to be covered while racing. Either way, the choice will be up to the applicant himself.

I have insured drivers that did not have much racing time each year and drove a car in one of the more mild courses and there was no extra charge at all. The life insurance industry is actually very premium friendly to members of auto racing. This is normally due to the fact that there are very few fatalities in Motorsports racing than some people would believe.

Do life insurance companies charge more for NASCAR stock drivers than a person who is not involved in a racing sport?

Yes, they do, but the final premium will depend on just how hazardous your particular phase of the sport actually is. If you remember reading the routine questions the companies ask, the answers to those questions are going to determine the probability of being killed in a racing accident. This is basically common sense that people can perfectly understand. We can run a quick pre-screen to be able to give you an accurate premium quote without having unwanted surprises after the insurance company processes your application.

Here is how are the additional rates are computed by the life insurance underwriter processing your application.

Low cost life insurance for NASCAR racersAs a standard procedure with auto racing cases, an extra charge referred to as a “flat extra” will be applied to the base premium. For example, if a racer applies for a $100,000 face amount policy, an example of a $2.50 flat extra could be applied to each $1,000.00 worth of life insurance coverage. If the base premium was $1,000.00 per year and the flat extra was $250.00 the final premium would be $1,250.00.

Here is how the premium breakdown would look. Base premium: $1,000.00, flat extra fee of $2.50 per thousand $2.50 X 100 = $250.00. Grand total $1,000.00 plus $250.00 = $1,250.00 per year. If you purchase life insurance will an additional premium for racing and you decide to quit driving down the road, the flat extra premium can be removed from the policy which would lower your premium.

The actual racing could be excluded from the policy if you would rather go that route also. This is a very simply process and usually the life insurance is still very much affordable to purchase even with the racing coverage built in to the policy. Your typical rate class such as preferred will usually be changed to a “standard plus” or a “standard” rate class due to the racing coverage being included on the policy.

Some companies will change your rate class and add on a flat extra charge at the same time or possibly one or the other. This will always depend on theLife insurance quotes for Nascar drivers specific information on your life insurance application. This is just a standard procedure the companies use to charge just enough of an extra premium to cover the added risk they are undertaking with your policy. Many of the drivers I talk to are not professionals which usually means the amount of times they race per year is going to be limited. They also usually don’t drive cars that hit the higher speeds of the NASCAR drivers on the pro racing circuit. This will lead to a lower flat extra rate added on to the conventional life insurance rates.

Just think of a conventional everyday life insurance policy incorporating the simple addition of coverage for auto racing.

If anyone applies for affordable term life insurance, the underwriting process from start to finish will take about 4-6 weeks possibly longer. There will no extra time involved when you are applying with a hazardous sport or occupation involved. We make the application of life insurance for Motorsports racers a nice simple process along with the lowest rates possible. We utilize over 40 trusted life insurance companies to give you every option to find the best Term life insurance policy at the lowest possible rates.

Term life insurance for stock car driversFeel free to contact us 7 days a week for all the help you need to purchase low cost term life insurance for stock car racers. We can usually produce a quote in less than an hour for virtually any class of Stock Car Racing that you are involved in. Thank you for reading our blog post and taking the time to visit our website and read this blog post. Check out our About Us page to read more about us and our business. Thanks again!


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