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Life Insurance Procrastination Increases Premiums

Jack Venturi General Comments Off on Life Insurance Procrastination Increases Premiums

Life Insurance Procrastination Time keeps ticking away while many consumers are procrastinating when it comes to purchasing life insurance. They put off making this valuable purchase only to find at a later date that they now have to pay a higher premium than they would have if they purchased their life insurance months or years earlier. These same people also jump from one life insurance website to another running quote engines comparing plans and premiums that they don’t even understand.

A high percentage of these people run quotes and never ever apply and eventually pass away years later without a stick of life insurance. The first task at hand is contact an experienced life insurance agent that can direct you to the correct plan to fit your budget and needs.

Term life insurance quote engines do a great job of comparing carriers and plan designs.

The average consumer many times review premiums that they do not qualify for because of many variables such as:
• Medical Conditions
• Height vs. Weight Issues
• Hazardous Occupations
• Dangerous Sports
• Poor Driving Records

All of these specifics have an impact on the final outcome of their life insurance application. If no pre-screen is performed, the final premium will be just a roll of the dice and this is not the way to purchase low cost Term life insurance.

Applying for Term life insurance should be a simple and easy when a professional life insurance agent walks you through process.

You have to ask yourself the most important question, will my family members suffer from a financial loss if my income no longer exists due to my passing. If the answer is yes, then you have a real need for life insurance and putting if off will only cost you more money when and if you eventually do apply. Your family member’s financial future is also hanging in the balance while you are dragging your feet and kicking tires. Purchasing low cost Term life insurance is very inexpensive when purchased at a young age. The quoting rates go up as you get older. The sooner you apply the lower the premiums will be.

You can compare Affordable Term and Universal life insurance rates on our quoting system in less than a minute.

We work with over 40 highly rated life insurance companies to give us the advantage of using the most applicable carrier for your specific needs. All life insurance companies have niche markets which mean that they position their life insurance premiums accordingly. This will depend on smoking status, health conditions, and dangerous sports, age etc. If you are looking to get the best life insurance quotes, don’t procrastinate, it will increase your premiums when you do buy and plan you will be paying that higher premium for years to come.

Feel free to contact us 7 days a week for free professional advice. We will help you find low cost Term life insurance that will give you the best benefits for the lowest possible premium. 

Take advantage of using our consumer quote engine to compare affordable Term life insurance quotes & rates compared side by side.

Here is our state by state service area where we help people save money on their life insurance premiums:

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