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Finding the Lowest Rates

Finding the lowest ratesOne of the most important things to remember when shopping for affordable life insurance is the simple fact that insurance rates, are regulated by law. The state you live in and your states Department of Insurance provides you with this consumer protection to make sure you always receive the correct premium as published by the insurance companies.

In fact, all forms of insurance are regulated by law for your protection.The life insurance company determines the rates and then they are sent to the department of insurance for their approval and then the rates are registered and then advertised and uploaded into quote engines and software. Feel free to use our quote engine to review the best Term life insurance quotes & comparisons.

Regardless of who you purchase the insurance from, your rates will always be exactly the same! No matter who the agent or agency is or where they are located as long as you are comparing the same insurance carrier and product. In other words, no insurance sales person can sell an insurance product for more or less that another can. Purchasing insurance is not like purchasing a new Sony TV, a Chevy or a Sunbeam toaster where the sales people can play “let’s make a deal”. This does not happen in the insurance industry.

Finding the lowest life insurance rates

If you see a website stating such things as “save up to 70% on your life insurance” or maybe something like “we offer the lowest prices” or “we have the absolute lowest rates” these companies are trying to lead you to believe that insurance premiums are negotiable when they are not.This type of jargon belongs on a used car lot. 

The biggest percentage of consumers do not know this and they actually believe that if they keep shopping long enough, they could actually “get a better deal”. They might hear or see this from another agent or website that advertises this kind of grey area advertising. Finding a lower rate for the same exact life insurance product with the same carrier and for the same applicant is virtually impossible. Every agency uses the same published rates as another. Feel free to contact us 7 days a week with any help you may need or any questions you may have. 800-897-5699

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