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Health Conditions

How they can affect your application

When a person applies for life insurance, the most important factors are taken into consideration by the carrier’s underwriting department such as the health history of the applicant. Other factor are taken into consideration are listed in How health conditions can affect your premiumthe paragraph below. We have created a Pre-Screen form that if necessary you can fill out in about 10 minutes. We can use this completed form to pre-screen your information to be able to give you a more accurate premium quote. This will enable us to provide you with a customized quote to eliminate any surprises if you were to actually apply. Feel free to use our quote engine to review the best Term life insurance quotes & comparisons.

When the underwriting process begins, the insurance carrier medical underwriter will review your application questionnaire to check for any medical conditions you may have. They will also take into consideration your parents basic health history area from the simple questions they ask on the application to see if there is a history of critical conditions such as cancer or heart disease that you possibly could inherit through their genes.

Normally they will also ask for medical records from your family doctor for a more in depth look at your current health. Insurance carriers will even run a motor vehicle report to get an idea of your driving habits where they will be looking for violations such as driving while intoxicated or reckless driving which could increase your chances of having a fatal driving accident. Also factors such as dangerous sports, hazardous occupations and tobacco use if any are also taken into consideration. All these questions asked by the life insurance carriers are standard procedures today.

Health conditions can affect your premiumGetting the most accurate life insurance quotes

The pre-screen as we mentioned above is a confidential service performed by our experienced team and is free and with no obligation. We normally contact several carriers and communicate directly with the underwriters so we can find out what carrier would be giving you the best rate classification and the lowest rates. Keep in mind that names or your personal information is NOT given to the carriers on a medical pre-screen request.

Contact us at (800)897-5699 and we will perform a free pre-screen on your behalf so you will have accurate premiums to review. Purchasing life insurance can seem to be very confusing, that is where the insurance agents come into the picture. Our job is to simplify the process for you and eliminate the guess work when applying for life insurance.

The most important factor in finding the best life insurance rate is finding the life insurance carrier that will look the most favorably at your health history and lifestyle.

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