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Non-Smoker Life Insurance Rates for E-Cigarette Users

Jack Venturi Life Insurance Comments Off on Non-Smoker Life Insurance Rates for E-Cigarette Users

Life insurance rates for e-cigarette usersIf you are looking to reduce your life insurance rates by quitting smoking and using the electronic version you are in luck. You can now get a non-smoker rate and purchase life insurance for over half the price of a conventional smoker. Ever since the invention of E-Cigarettes, the life insurance industry has classified E-Cigarette Smokers as tobacco smokers straight across the board.

This would be the same as if they were using any form of tobacco product such as cigarettes, cigars, pipes, chewing tobacco etc. Many people have switched to these new gadgets as a means of quitting smoking or to just switch over to reduce health risks.

Life insurance companies have been putting the E-Cigarette under the microscope for years and we now have a non-smoker rate class.

As the time goes by there will more carriers making the decision to offer non-smoker rates to the E-Cigarette users. We now can have you apply with one of the most trusted life insurance companies available. The only stipulation is no conventional tobacco use in the last 12 months. This would mean real cigarettes and other forms of genuine tobacco products. The rule of thumb has always been if a person quits smoking, they have to be tobacco free for at least one year before they qualify for a non-smoker rate anyway.

Non-Smoker rates are finally here for the E-Cigarette users. You no longer have to pay the high cost of a smoker rate!

The Food & Drug Association already regulates many varieties of smoking cessation products and plans to include these battery powered marvel of science, but to date those regulations are not yet on the books. The insurance industry is watching the effects that E-Cigarettes have on people and when they feel the water is safe to go into, they will most likely start classifying these new devices as a non-tobacco product. But for right now at this point in time we have new avenues set in place to secure non-smoker rates for our clients. Many people have quit smoking because of this new product so that is a very good point in itself.

Smoker-rates vs. non-smoker rates reflect a huge difference in premiums stemming from a rate-up of 100-200% on an average.

Most people purchase Term life insurance because of its low cost. When you add an expensive smoker rate to an affordable Term life insurance quote the premium goes up quite high as I explained. If you add this rate-up to a good Universal life permanent life insurance quote it can often break the bank where the insurance buyer could not even afford the higher Universal Life quote.

Obtaining a non-smoker rate for Term or Universal life will make a huge difference for the applicant. Especially when he is trying to buy enough life insurance that would cover his dependents financial loss in case of his unexpected passing.

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