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Our Privacy Statement


Our Privacy is owned and operated by the J.W. Venturi Insurance Agency, LLC located in Chadwick, Illinois which is owned and founded by Jack Venturi. We make sure your information is kept in a confidential manner at all times. Our websites privacy statement will explain how we protect the information you provide in order to always ensure your peace of mind and confidence when using our safe and secure quoting system.

What type of information is collected and how is it used?

The very basic questions we ask on our website are only used to determine which insurance companies and products best match your specific needs for life insurance. Each insurance company sets rates for their products line differently, which is based on a variety of health related and personal lifestyle factors. This information helps us match you with the most applicable life insurance company and plan design for your needs. If you request help after submitting a quote request, I will personally review your submission and contact you to answer any questions you may have after using our consumer quoting engine. In this conversation at your request, we may gather additional health and lifestyle information necessary to pre-screen your specific information in order to get an accurate premium quote before you ever apply. This information never at any time leaves my database for any reason what so ever.

I have over 20 years of experience managing and protecting the information of my clientele. You can rest assured that our only interest is helping you obtain affordable low cost life insurance from the very best A+ rated carriers.

Please contact me at any time to discuss our private policy. You may call toll free at 800-897-5699 or you may email me by using one of our contact forms.

Does share your personal information with other companies?

No, we only collect the most basic quoting information and it never leaves our database for any reason. Our website is also protected by the highest forms of security such as two firewalls and a malware detection system to protect us from computer hackers. We take website and internet security very seriously.

Does our agency share your application information with any other companies? No because we only use a highlyOur Privacy Statement confidential telephone applications where you only give your application information to the insurance company application department. We never even have a copy of your formal application.

All information collected by our agency is used only for the process of qualifying you for high quality life insurance products.

We never collect “cookies” from your computer like most other websites do because we believe this would be an invasion of your privacy. Please call me at any time if you have any questions I can answer for you.

All the Best,
Jack Venturi


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