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Purchasing Life Insurance with Anxiety Disorder

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Life Insurance for People with AnxietyPurchasing a Term or Universal life insurance policy with a history of anxiety can be a challenge at times depending on the complexity of someone’s condition. To properly discuss how to apply for life insurance we should try to understand what the condition really is all about and what to do about it if you have the condition.

This is a medical condition where the symptoms that can come and go with time. Purchasing life insurance with Anxiety Disorder has become much easier thanks to more information published each day concerning this now very common condition.

Purchasing life insurance with Anxiety Disorder is no longer the long drawn out process it used to be with the modern understanding of this condition and the medication to control it.

There are multiple types of anxiety disorders including the common panic disorder version, social anxiety, a number of various type of phobia conditions, and general anxiety disorder. Anxiety is a normal human emotion that everyone experiences at one time or another.

Many people complain of feeling anxious, or very nervous, when faced with a problem at work or home, before taking a test, or just making an important general decision. Anxiety disorders, however, can be very different and can go from one extreme to another. They can cause extreme distress that it totally interferes with a person’s ability to lead a normal lifestyle.

An anxiety disorder just not be taken lightly and should be considered a serious mental illness. For many people with anxiety, worry and fear are a constant state and totally overwhelming, and can be terrible to deal with. Anxiety is much harder to cope with that many people think that never experienced this disorder before.

Life insurance companies take into consideration the multiple degrees of this mental condition when they are underwriting an application.

There are many forms of anxiety that have been categorized by the modern medical profession. Panic disorder is a condition that initiates the feeling of terror that suddenly strike and repeatedly with no apparent warning. Some of the other symptoms of a panic attack include sweating, chest pain similar to a heart attack, heart palpitations, and a feeling of choking which simulates having a heart attack or going out of their mind.

Social anxiety involves an overwhelming feeling of worry and self-consciousness about everyday situations. A person with anxiety always fears of an outbreak at the worst possible time such as a stressful job interview. The worry normally centers on a fear of being judged by other people such as friends, work associates or even relatives, or just behaving in a way that might lead to ridicule and embarrassment. This can lead to paranoia.

Anxiety can run from very mild versions that need no treatment at all to more complicated cases that require hospitalization.

A specific phobia is a very intense fear of a specific object or situation to be in with, such as insects of all kinds, heights, or flying. The level of fear is usually intense enough to cause the person to avoid normal, everyday situations in everyday life. Generalized anxiety disorder involves excessive worry and tension, even if there is little or nothing to provoke the anxiety condition.

Symptoms vary depend on the type of anxiety disorder, but general symptoms include feelings of panic, fear, and uneasiness, problems sleeping, cold or sweaty hands , shortness of breath, palpitations, An inability to be able to sit still and be calm, dry mouth, nausea, muscle pain and tension and also dizziness which in itself is a horrible feeling to deal with.

Medical science has made major advancements in the understanding of Anxiety and its necessary treatment.

The exact causes of anxiety is unknown like other forms of mental illness are but they are not the result of personal and mental weakness. As doctors continue their research and testing of this condition, it is becoming clear that many of these disorders are caused by a combination of factors, including changes in the brain and environmental stress. Virtually anyone could experience anxiety without any notice or warning.

The most common type of life insurance for Anxiety is Term life insurance because of the low cost.

Just like many other mental illnesses, anxiety disorders may be caused by problems in the functioning of brain that regulate fear and other important everyday emotions. Severe or long-lasting stress can change the way nerve cells from one area of the brain to another. Medical studies have shown that anxiety can run in families, which means that they can at partly inherited from one or both parents, like the risk for heart disease or cancer and other physical type diseases.

When looking for the best Term life insurance rates for a person with anxiety is going to take collecting as much information of the onset of the condition, drugs taken, doctor visits per year and any inpatient hospital stays. Choosing the most applicable life insurance company is very important. This will allow the applicant to receive the most affordable life insurance available.

There are many competitive life insurance companies that offer coverage with very affordable rates for this condition.

There are a number of excellent carriers that will offer a positive attitude to help the applicant purchase the best low cost life insurance plan for the anxiety patient. This condition is also very common which allows the carriers to research the illness and to offer some excellent rates for people with this condition.

At we always initiate a pre-screen before we begin the quoting process for anxiety patients. Understanding the condition is the most important step for the insurance agent to locate the lowest rates for life insurance. Feel free to contact us 7 days a week with any questions you may have.

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