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I Sold Term Life Insurance to Elvis Presley

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Low cost Term life insurance “I sold term life insurance to Elvis Presley”. Incredible statements like this unfortunately appear on some life insurance websites that don’t do anymore than confuse and create distrust with consumers. I never sold Elvis Presley life insurance just as some of these website owners cannot save you money on the exact same life insurance product in the very same rate classification. But without question, there are several ways that an experienced agent can help you secure the lowest rates.

If you type in such keywords as “Term life insurance quotes” or “Term life insurance with the lowest rates”, many website responses can appear. Most insurance professionals are excellent and very honest people. It is only that small percentage that can sometimes give the good ones grey hair.

The absolute fact is that all life insurance rates are regulated by law. The insurance agents do not set the rates, the insurance company actuaries do.

Here are the four most important steps to purchase Term life insurance and get the very lowest premiums possible.

  1. Connect with an experienced life insurance Broker that has a substantial amount of experience to give you the proper and qualified advice. 
  2. Use a modern life insurance quote engine to compare premiums from many different companies to make sure you know all your options before you apply.
  3. Choose the company that will offer you the best rates. This may require a pre-screen by your agent if you have any medical conditions, a hazardous occupation or dangerous sport.
  4. Apply with the company of your choice and always tell the truth on the application.

Your life insurance agent will be able to make a complicated task look very simple and make sure to receive the lowest premium in the process.

If you follow these four main guidelines when shopping for low cost Term life insurance, you should end up with the best life insurance for your needs with the lowest rates possible. This is also going to be thanks to your experienced life insurance professional you decided to work with.

Some people are lead to believe that life insurance rates are negotiable just like a car or a television set and nothing could be farther from the truth. The rates are regulated by law for your protect as a consumer. If you read something on the internet that looks too good to be true, that is because it is probably not true after all.

Your states Department of Insurance acts as a form of a Police Department that oversees the insurance industry.

When the insurance companies want to place an insurance product on the market, it must be first approved by your your states Department of Insurance prior to ever selling the product to the consumers. I talk to people on a regular basis that don’t realize that all insurance rates are regulated by law. The insurance companies Actuaries set the premiums of the policies after much research and reviewing in depth statistics. Insurance agencies never have the ability of controlling insurance product costs and this goes for all types of insurance not just life insurance.

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Feel free to call us 7 days a week and evenings for any advice you may need concerning life insurance plan designs and any questions you may have. There is never any cost or obligation for our help. I hope this blog post has help you realize that insurance rates are regulated by law and you can’t always believe everything you read on the internet. Thank you for visiting our website and don’t hesitate to call us. We love to help people.

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