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Life Insurance for US Navy Veterans – Get the Lowest Rates Possible

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Low Cost Term Life Insurance Rates for US Navy VeteransIf you are a member of the US Navy, our office would take great pride in thanking you for your excellent service to the United States. Your dedication is greatly appreciated by all Americans. This article has been written to help you find life insurance for US Navy veterans with the lowest rates possible. Many members of the armed forces don’t realize they can apply for conventional life insurance just like anyone else.

As I mentioned, many service people do not realize that they may easily qualify for low cost Term life insurance on the civilian market just as easy if you were a civilian with a safe and secure office job.

The number one concern with life insurance carriers is the question of deployment orders overseas.

If you are full time Navy or in the reserves and you have no deployment orders pending for the next 12 months the application process will be simple and smooth. A large percentage of Navy personnel are not deployed in a combat exposure and that is the main concern the life insurance companies have. If this is the case for you, then you will have many great options for the purchase of excellent life insurance products at low rates.

Some members of the US Navy have life insurance purchased through SGLI (Service Members Group Life Insurance) and will wonder what to do about life insurance after you are eventually discharged. This article will help you find the best choices to secure low cost Term life insurance for US Navy veterans and their families after you are discharged and even while you are still active in the Navy.

This information will be directed to all the branches of the US Armed Forces but this article will be mainly focused on the US Navy.

If you currently have life insurance through SGLI and you are considering converting to VGLI, you have some cost-effective options to consider.

The first thought many Navy Personnel have is to convert their SGLI policy (if they currently have one) to a VGLI (Veterans Group Life Insurance) policy once they are discharged.

Veterans Group Life Insurance goes up in price as you age and can get very expensive as the years go by. This is why the other options you have are so much more cost effective.

You are also going to be limited to a face amount (death benefit) of $400,000 or no more than the face amount of your original SGLI policy.

The veteran’s administration (VGLI) Veterans Group Life Insurance policies have a rate increase every five years.

These plan designs are in essence a five-year renewable Term life policy that includes a substantial rate increase every 5 years like clockwork. If you are in decent health your premiums would be drastically less with a conventional life insurance product with level premiums that do not go up. Take a look at a sample of the VGLI rates with a $400,000 face amount. Especially pay attention to the higher age groups starting with 50-54 years of age.

  • Age 29 & Below – $32.00 per month
  • Age 30 to 34 – $40.00 per month
  • Age 35 to 39 – $52.00 per month
  • Age 40 to 44 – $68.00 per month
  • Age 45 to 49 – $88.00 per month
  • Age 50 to 54 – $144.00 per month
  • Age 55 to 59 – $268.00 per month
  • Age 60 to 64 – $432.00 per month
  • Age 65 to 69 – $600.00 per month
  • Age 70 to 74 – $920.00 per month
  • Age 75 & Up – $1840.00 per month

The youngest age category of 29 and below have rates that are higher than conventional Term life insurance but the older age categories have incredibly high rates that most Americans could not even afford. Conservatively speaking if you were age 55-59 your premiums would be $3,216.00 per year. The age 60-64 veterans would be paying $5,184.00 per year. The final age group of 75 and over would have an annual premium of $22,080.00 per year. Review the VGLI rate chart on their website.

If an individual is in very poor health, these policies may work for you. If any veteran in good health is considering purchasing life insurance through the VGLI, the life insurance offered from the conventional life insurance companies in the US will be the only way to go. These 5 year rate increases are brutal to the wallet and don’t make sense when there are so many other great options to choose from.

 You can apply for conventional life insurance on the regular civilian life insurance market.

After you are discharged or while you are still in the Navy, you can apply for Term lifeLow Cost Term Life Insurance Rates for US Navy Veterans insurance for US Navy servicemen through the conventional civilian market. This would be far less expensive and very simple to accomplish. Remember when you go this route your rates would not be based on your military background and you would be able to receive the lowest rates possible on Term life insurance or permanent life insurance. Your exposure to the military would not enter the picture. You can purchase low cost Term life insurance on the civilian market if you are in the Reserves or even a member of the Full-Time Navy.

If you are a member of the Reserves, your application would be treated like any other occupation with no increase in rates or stipulations. If you are full time military, you still can purchase life insurance on the affordable civilian market. There would be some basic questions that need to be answered such as:

  • How much time are you going to be spending overseas.
  • Are there any plans for deployment in the next 12 months?
  • What are your current duties & responsibilities?

How much will Term life insurance cost for a discharged military veteran?

If you apply for Term life insurance or a permanent plan design such as Universal Life your rates will be based on the usual underwriting criteria below:

  • Your Current Age
  • Health History
  • Tobacco Status
  • Height & Weight
  • Occupation (If Hazardous)
  • Sports (If Hazardous)
  • Driving Record

Keep in mind that the above list applies to fully underwritten policies. These types of policies always have the very lowest rates available. Simplified issue life insurance which is also referred to as Non-Med life insurance can be approved quickly in 24-48 hours. They do cost more because the life insurance companies do not know as much about your health history so they have to add some buffer premium for the added risk they take.

I always recommend the fully underwritten policies so you can receive the lowest premiums possible. This application may take longer but the lower rates will be well worth the wait.

What happens if I have pre-existing medical conditions?

Applying for life insurance with medical conditions such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, anxiety, height & weight issues and many others are very common these days. A medical pre-screen will help direct you to the correct company to apply with and help you to receive the lowest rates possible. A medical pre-screen takes a few minutes and is totally confidential and simple to perform.

Your agent or broker can take care of this for you and get you on track to a smooth application process. We highly recommend pre-screens to take the guesswork out of the application process. Nobody likes surprises when applying for life insurance.

What if I am a member of the Navy Reserves?

This is a very good question when you think about this due to the fact a Navy Reservist can be deployed at virtually any given time. The way the life insurance companies look at this scenario is your application would be treated just like anyone else’s as long as you do not have deployment orders pending. This makes everything very simple.

How do I go about applying for affordable life insurance?

Low Cost Term Life Insurance Rates for US Navy VeteransYou can compare Term life insurance quotes along with Universal Life also on our free consumer quote engine on the right. You can compare the lowest rates from the most competitive and trusted life insurance companies. Don’t hesitate to contact us 7 days a week by calling (800)897-5699 for answers to all your questions.

Make sure to contact an independent insurance agent so you will be able to compare all the top companies to make sure you receive the lowest life insurance rates possible. AIG American General, Prudential & MetLife do a great job for military personnel.

Independent insurance agents are also known as brokers. They have complete access to all the best life insurance companies on the market. State Farm agents and Farmers agents for example are referred to as captive agents and only have their one company to show you. In today’s competitive life insurance market, looking at only one company will be a huge handicap when trying to receive the lowest term life insurance rates.

Our office utilizes over 40 trusted companies such as Prudential, Banner Life, Transamerica, Protective Life, Assurity, Voya, MetLife, Aviva, AXA Equitable, ING, SBLI, Fidelity Life and many more. AIG American General has some of the lowest rates for members of the US Navy. Check out our Top 12 Life Insurance Companies blog post where you can get some more information about the excellent companies we use.

You proudly served our country and now it is about time somebody serves you with equal dedication.

If what you just read seems to be confusing, don’t worry about it because it can be very conLow Cost Term Life Insurance Rates for US Navy Veteransfusing at times. Don’t hesitate to grab the phone and call us 7 days a week and we will be happy to answer all your questions for you.  Shopping for the best Term life insurance rates should always be a simple process when you have an experienced insurance professional helping you. Call us toll free at (800)897-5699 and let us help you find the best life insurance for your needs and budget. Learn more about us and our business by visiting our About Us page.


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