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Medical Pre-Screening

Use our medical prescreen form to get an accurate idea what your rates would be if you were to apply for life insurance. This form is confidential, secure and encrypted!

Medical condition pre-screening is a very important step in securing the best life insurance rates you may qualify for. Having any serious health conditions could affect the final rates of your application. We want to limit the impact they may have on your premium. Investing 10 minutes worth of time in a simple pre-screen, can definitely help you secure the best life insurance rates possible.

What type of medical conditions can impact my rates?

Medical conditions are otherwise known as health conditions. These could be conditions such as High Cholesterol, Hypertension (high blood pressure), Diabetes, Heart Conditions, being overweight, Cancer, Anxiety, Depression, Epilepsy, Kidney Disease, Strokes, Asthma and many others. Medical condition pre-screening can save time and help find the best life insurance rates.

Hazardous Occupations Can Increase Rates

Hazardous occupations such as Structural Iron and Steel Workers, Farmers and Ranchers including Agricultural Managers, Truck Drivers, Drivers and Sales Workers, Construction Workers & Laborers, Refuse and Garbage Collectors, Electrical Power Line Repairman & Power Line Installers, Roofers, especially the Commercial Roofer working with hot tar, Airplane Pilots and Helicopter Pilots along with Flight Engineers, Logging workers otherwise known as Loggers & Lumberjacks, Commercial Fisherman working in the oceans and a number of others.

Dangerous Sports Can Also Increase Your Rates

Some of these sports would be Scuba Diving, Skydiving, Bungee Cord Jumping, White Water Rafting, Base Jumping, Bull Riding (Rodeo), Motorcycle Racing, Rock Climbing, Drag Racing, Boat Racing, Stock Car Racing, Private Airplane and Helicopter flying just to name a few. Get an instant life insurance quote and compare the best life insurance rates from over 40 trusted life insurance companies.