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So, What Is the “Big Secret” to Getting the Best Life Insurance Rates?

Here is our “Big Secret” how to buy life insurance the easy way! If you are like most people, you are not going to want to spend countless hours of your free time searching for the best life insurance rates online. We use a much quicker and more efficient way to make shopping for life insurance without working up a sweat and getting a headache. Allow us to find the best life insurance quotes from the most trusted life insurance companies for you. best life insurance rates onlineAs Independent Agents otherwise known as Brokers, all this work is done for you at simply no cost or obligation. Read our let’s get started page for some helpful information.

We can definitely guarantee the best life insurance rates, the most plan design options to choose from and the most qualified customer service 7 days a week. You still call all the plays, but we do all the work and it’s that simple. The best part about it is, there is never any sales fluff or BS like you find with most other agents. 

Your Application Can be Approved in 24-48 Hours

If this is your first time shopping for life insurance or you have purchased it several times before. You came to the right website and you are in great hands. We are independent agents also known as Brokers and we represent all the best life insurance companies with the highest ratings. Working with a good agent is convenient because you just drop the whole load in our laps and we do all the work for you.

With over 30 years experience, we know what it takes to get you the best policy to fit your needs at the lowest possible premium. If you have any medical conditions you are concerned with, we can help you by applying for a no medical exam life insurance policy.

Pre-Screen Before Applying

Medical condition pre-screening is a very important step in securing the best life insurance ratesbest term life insurance quotes online you may qualify for. Having any health conditions could affect the final rates of your application. We want to limit the impact they may have on your premium by using the correct carrier that is the most liberal to your issues. Investing a few minutes of your time with a simple pre-screen, can definitely help you secure the best life insurance rates possible.

Also keep in mind that this is not just limited to health issues. This would also cover possible hazardous occupations also. Even your favorite risky sport or hobby could raise a red flag and trigger a rate increase. Knowing what will happen before you apply will allow an agent to take special precautions to reduce your underwriting glitches before they happen.


How We Guarantee the Lowest Rates!

The first step we always recommend is first reviewing what you actually need your life insurance for, and how long they need it. This will help us recommend what type of policy to recommend to fit your specific needs. If you have any pre-existing medical conditions or a risky occupation that could be capable of impacting you rates we always pre-screen them so we don’t have any unforeseen surprises during the application process.

The same plan goes for hazardous sports or hobbies. If you are in any way considered a high risk applicant, we can help you take measures to get you approved with the best health classification possible.

Choosing the proper life insurance company to apply with is extremely important when getting the best life insurance rates. This is always simple for us because we are partnered with over 40 of the top rated insurers. All life insurance companies underwrite their applications differently and have different guidelines they follow. If you would like to read more information about life insurance, check out our life insurance 101 page to get a better understanding.


Apply Over the Telephone Quickly & Easily

instant online life insurance quotesThere historically have been 3 ways to apply for life insurance. The first way involved a long paper application with approximately 20 pages or more. This was a sure fire way to induce writer’s cramp. The second way came many years later which was the online application to be completed on your computer. Both of these methods took considerable time and had their complications.

Many computer users complained of technical issues with the online application software. We believe the modern and best way to apply is the telephone application which takes about 15 minutes to complete. All you have to do is listen to the question and then answer the question.