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Inflation in the United States is rising at an incredible rate, and the bills keep rolling in. You would like to apply for affordable life insurance to protect your dependents, but your daily expenses are going through the roof. Between gasoline for the car and trying to put food on the table, it is becoming a considerable problem for most Americans. The big question is, how will you take on another expense when you don’t have much money left at the end of the month?

We work with more competitive life insurance companies than any of our competitors. We do this to better shop the market and get the lowest rates for our clients. We also pre-screen our potential applicants to ensure we know what medical conditions, hazardous occupations, or dangerous hobbies they may have that could impact their premiums.

We do this to ensure we know what to expect during the application process and apply with the most liberal companies to offer our clients the best possible rates.  


So, What Is the “Big Secret” to Getting the Best Life Insurance Rates?

Here is our “Big Secret” on buying low-cost life insurance quickly and easily! Like most people, you will not want tolow cost life insurance rates spend countless hours searching online for the best life insurance rates. Instead, we use a much quicker and more efficient approach to shopping for the best life insurance rates without working up a sweat and getting a headache.

You can find the best life insurance quotes from the most trusted life insurance companies for you. As independent agents, otherwise known as Brokers, all this work is done for you at no cost or obligation.


Consider No Medical Exam Life Insurance Policies:

  • Your application can be approved as quickly as 24 – 48 hours or even medical exam life insurance
  • Eliminates the need for a physical exam & blood test by a Para-Med Nurse.
  • Apply with an accelerated underwriting process with very few medical questions.
  • No medical records are ever required from your doctor’s office.
  • All the best life insurance carriers offer No-Exam life insurance.
  • If you need life insurance quickly, no medical exam policies will be the way to go. 


Get a Free Medical Pre-Screen Before You Apply:

  • Find out which life insurance companies would best fit you if you had health conditions.medical pre-screening for health conditions
  •  Get an accurate idea of your projected premiums by knowing your health classification.
  • Eliminate any unwanted surprises later in the application if you have a dangerous occupation, hobby, or sport that could impact your rates.

Medical condition pre-screening is a significant step in securing the best life insurance rates you may qualify for. Having any health conditions could affect the final rates of your application. However, we want to limit their impact on your premium by using the correct carrier that is the most liberal to your issues. Investing a few minutes in a simple pre-screen can help you secure the best life insurance rates possible.


How We Guarantee the Lowest Rates Possible:

We always recommend reviewing what you need your life insurance for and how long you will needlow cost life insurance rates it. This will help us recommend what type of policy fits your specific needs. Then, suppose you have any pre-existing medical conditions or a risky occupation that could impact your rates. In that case, we pre-screen them to avoid unforeseen surprises during the application process.

Choosing the right life insurance company is crucial when getting the best life insurance rates. This is always simple because we work with over 40 top-rated insurers. All the best life insurance companies underwrite their applications differently and follow different guidelines. 

All these tips will work to your advantage, but the golden rule is Do Not Procrastinate when shopping for coverage. Waiting will always cost you higher premiums because the older you are, the more expensive the life insurance rates become.


Apply Quickly & Easily With a SnapApp Telephone Application

There historically have been three ways to apply for life insurance. The first approach involves a lengthytelephone life insurance application paper application with approximately 20 pages or more. This was a surefire way to induce a writer’s cramp. The online application came many years later. These applications have to be completed on your computer. Unfortunately, both of these methods took considerable time and had complications.

Many applicants complained of technical issues with the online application software. We believe the most modern and best way to apply is through the telephone application which takes about 15 minutes. All you have to do is listen to the question and then answer it. There is no easier way to apply for life insurance than over the phone.