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Lowest Term Life Insurance Rates OnlineFor well over 20 years we have been helping people find the lowest term life insurance rates. We also provide the best selection of low cost term life Insurance quotes from the highest rated carriers displayed online including Senior life insurance plans. As independent brokers, we work on your behalf and not an insurance companies. If you are in perfect health or have high risk medical conditions we can help you find the most affordable term life insurance. We can also help you find the lowest rates for smokers even if you smoke cigarettes on a regular basis.

Our modern quote engine will display free online life insurance quotes so you may compare the best Term Life Insurance  as well as Universal Life permanent plan designs as well from over 40 trusted life insurance companies within minutes. There is no charge or obligation for our service. Most people are looking for cheap life insurance and the plans that we offer from Banner Life provide some of the lowest rates in the industry. Give us a call today and let us help you find the best life Insurance for your specific needs quickly & easily. While you are here, get to know Jack our agency founder.

Affordable Life Insurance for Seniors and Folks Over 50, 60, & 70

Senior Life InsuranceIf you are currently in your 50s, 60s 70s or even in your 80s, you can still purchase low cost life insurance. The Senior life insurance industry understands that nobody wants to become a financial burden for their children. We have a comprehensive line of life insurance products from conventional Term products to Final Expense otherwise known as Burial insurance all the way to Guaranteed Acceptance life insurance. If you thought that your only choice was AARP life insurance for Seniors was your only choice, think again, we have you covered.

Many Senior citizens who had life insurance at one time and for some reason lost it or for seniors that never had it before can still purchase an excellent life insurance policy from one of the many trusted companies we do business with. If you have serious health problems, we can provide you with Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance for Elderly folks. The best part is our companies offer Senior life insurance with No Medical Exam. Contact us today and we will answer all your questions concerning Senior Life Insurance with no obligation what so ever.

A Simple Pre-Screen Can Help You Receive the Lowest Rates

Life Insurance Medical Pre-ScreenIf you have any medical conditions, a hazardous occupation, a dangerous sport or looking for Senior life insurance, a simple medical pre-screen can save you a lot of time and direct you to the most applicable life insurance company to apply with. This is a very simple process of us conversing with multiple insurance companies before you apply to see who will offer you the lowest premiums.  A free medical Pre-Screen can eliminate any surprises later and make the application process go smooth and simple.

We offer this service at no charge or obligation. All the life insurance companies underwrite their applications differently. Your personal information is never given to the insurance companies. We utilize over 40 highly trusted life insurance companies to give you the best choice and receive the lowest rates available anywhere.

Compare the Lowest Rates From Over 40 Trusted Carriers

Trusted Life Insurance CompaniesBefore the development of the internet and the modern quoting engines of today, the life insurance companies were never placed in a position to have their rates easily shown on a side by side basis online. This would make it difficult to visualize all the various companies and their rates to see who offered the best term life insurance rates. This has all changed and now there is fierce competition between the carriers to become more and more competitive.

In our tough economy, people are looking for low cost life insurance and Term plans offer the lowest premiums. Our easy to use consumer quoting tool will display free online life insurance quotes. You may compare the four major types of life insurance such as affordable Term life insurance and the permanent plans Universal life and the Whole Life and Senior life insurance plan designs easily displayed side by side. Here are just a few of our life insurance companies.

All Life Insurance Rates Today are Regulated by Law

Life Insurance Rates are Regulated by LawThe first and foremost important fact to remember is that all life insurance rates are published by the life insurance companies. The rates are next approved by each state’s Department of Insurance and then allowed to be displayed to the consumers. This means life insurance rates are regulated by law and nobody can sell the same policy for less or more money than another. If you are looking for lowest term life insurance rates, you must use the most applicable carrier for your specific needs.

We shop the market for our clients automatically to find the most applicable carrier that has the lowest rates and that will place our applicants in the very best rate class. This is how to secure the best life insurance rates possible. Life insurance rates cannot be discounted like a car or television set. Get free life insurance quotes on our consumer quote engine.


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Affordable Life Insurance with Medical Conditions

High Risk Life InsuranceMany people fall into a High Risk Life Insurance category due to medical conditions, their job occupation or sports they are involved in. We are very experienced in High Risk Life Insurance and how to get a person approved with the lowest life insurance rates possible. You can still secure cheap life insurance rates with medical conditions. We offer the best term life insurance for people with medical conditions such as Heart Disease, Cancer, High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, Diabetes, Depression and many other conditions.

Some of the sports would be scuba divers, hand gliding, cliff diving, life insurance for drag racers, sky diving, boat racing and many others. High Risk life insurance also includes life insurance for smokers and Senior citizens. Just because you are in a high risk classification, you can still purchase cheap life insurance. Take a moment to run our quote engine and review instant low cost term life insurance quotes online.

Free Online Life Insurance Quotes Displayed in all 50 States Service AreaAlabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming, District of Columbia                                   Visit our life insurance service area to read an article specific to your state.

No Medical Exam Term Life Insurance with 24 Hour Approval

No Exam Term Life Insurance QuotesIf  you’re looking for life insurance coverage quickly with no medical exam required and a short application that can be approved in less than 24 hours, a Simplified Issue otherwise known as No Medical Exam Term Life Insurance may be just the ticket for you. The many companies we use also offer No Medical Exam Life Insurance for Seniors also. When a person is looking for the absolute lowest rates, fully underwritten policies are the way to go for cheap life insurance with the lowest rates. If you have not had any doctor visits in a while and are afraid of what a physical from your doctor or medical tests will indicate these policies can be the way to go.

If you need life insurance quickly to satisfy a loan company or court order, a No Medical Exam life insurance policy can definitely work out great for you. If you are looking for life insurance for smokers and smoke cigarettes or cigars, you can get very competitive premiums with these policies. Our quoting system will allow you to compare free online life insurance quotes including No Medical Term Life insurance.


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