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How to Apply for an NRA Life Insurance Policy


Purchasing an NRA Life Insurance Policy is a simple process, take a few minutes to learn more about all your options along with comparing the best rates.

How to Buy an NRA Life Insurance Policy With the Best Rates in [2024]

Millions of gun owners, including myself, have been NRA members for over 30 years, and I will always continue withNRA Life Insurance Policy the tradition.

The NRA was always an important organization that would help us preserve our 2nd amendment rights.

We would have lost those rights a long time ago without them. 

In a way, purchasing a membership in the National Rifle Association is similar to buying a life insurance policy for your second amendment rights.

NRA member life insurance gives you peace of mind that your surviving dependents will have financial protection, especially in these uncertain times.


Our Second Amendment Is in Jeopardy and the NRA Needs Our Support

When anti-gun lobbyists come up with new reasons to ban or restrict our firearms, we look to the NRA for help. In other words, we look to the NRA for protection just like we look to life insurance to protect our dependents’ financial security. 

The NRA Membership Benefit Department offers many excellent benefits, but the best benefit is the NRA standing guard against the gun grabbers who are now totally out of control. 

Your NRA life insurance policy stands guard for financial protection for your family members and dependents. A simple-term policy can protect your dependents and guarantee they will not experience a severe lifestyle change if something happens to you.

There are many options for NRA members to take advantage of. Keep reading, and I will show you how to get the best rates you can possibly qualify for.



Depending on your age, the NRA term life insurance quoting rates can increase by 3.5 to 9% each year. When you apply, you will be locking in your rates and your premium will not go up. Our quoting system will display the best life insurance for NRA members.


What Is the Procedure for Applying for NRA Life Insurance?

To quickly summarize this, we use telephone applications which take about 20 minutes, that’s it! 

The first step is to connect with an independent agent, otherwise known as a Broker, such as ourselves. We representnra member life insurance all the top-rated companies and act as your connection between yourself and the insurance company. Otherwise you can consume countless hours and waste your valuable time.

We will help you choose the best carrier to apply with. You have many choices for affordable life insurance for NRA members.

This will be based on your health, smoking status, if you have a dangerous occupation, and so forth. Remember that insurance companies have underwriting criteria, so choosing the right company is crucial. You don’t choose a company because you like its name. 

Once you know which insurer would be the most applicable to apply with, you can apply by phone. Telephone applications take about 15 minutes, which is a breeze compared to completing 30-page paper applications like in the past.

Regardless of whether you are an NRA member, you will work with the life insurance company for most of the process. Your agent will always be there to help you and answer your questions. Once the underwriting process has been completed, the carrier will place you in a health classification, and that is how your rates will be defined.

Again, the goal is to get the best possible health classification so you can receive the lowest premiums. We will then inform you of your premiums and answer any of your questions. If the rates come back higher than expected, we always submit your application results to several other companies to see if we can obtain lower rates from another carrier.

We are confident you will be more than satisfied with your new policy and rates when the process is over. However, remember that you do not have to accept an offer and can terminate the application process at any time. 

The National Rifle Association doesn’t directly offer life insurance; instead, they work with licensed insurance agents to promote these products.

How We Help You Locate the Lowest Rates

1. We shop for the largest selection of A+ rated life insurance companies for our clients. We then provide them with a list of the most competitive carriers and their rates for the client to review for themselves.

2. We are not a large call center that runs an assembly line of agents. We take our time to ensure we know which companies will offer the lowest possible rates.

3. Every applicant is carefully pre-screened before applying with any company, eliminating any underwriting glitches and surprises later. Medical conditions, dangerous occupations, or sports can affect rates.

4. We then submit applications to multiple carriers to see which companies will offer the best rates when the underwriting process is complete. We have our clients use a quick and straightforward telephone application.

5. We always ensure that our clients receive the best rates they can qualify for. This requires some work, but this is what a good agent is for.


What Will the Premiums Be if I Submit an Application?

We always recommend a quick and free pre-screen before you apply so we know if you have any medical conditions, hazardous sports or hobbies that could affect your rates.

A five minute medical pre-screen which amounts to basic questions and answers over the phone or with our pre-screen form. You will first have to apply and complete the application process.

The carrier’s underwriters are the only ones that can fully determine an applicant’s premiums, and that is only after the complete application process. Whatever is in your medical records, the Medical Information Bureau report and results from your para-med nurse visit will count as determining factors.

Sometimes medical records and visits from a nurse will not be necessary. Medical conditions are going to be the most common variable among all applicants. Applying does not cost a dime, and your agent does about 90% of the work.

If your application is approved and your final rates are not to our liking, you can decline the offer and close the application. We will simply contact the carrier for reconsideration or even send your application to other carriers for their premium.


In Each State, There Are Laws Regulating Life Insurance Rates

Every state in America has a Department of Insurance Regulation that regulates all insurance activities for your protection.

Did you know that all life insurance rates are regulated by law? Running multiple quote engines from one website to another is redundant and a waste of your valuable time. Most NRA members do better than look at duplicate website information.

Insurance companies publish rates, which do not vary regardless of who you apply for. In addition, each state’s Department of Insurance strictly regulates insurance premiums. You can compare all the top insurers in our instant quoting system.

All life insurance rates are regulated by law for your protection. This means premiums for the same plan design and insurer are the same regardless of who you purchase it from.

Will Inflation Influence the Cost of NRA Life Insurance?

Whatever products or services you intend to buy, including all forms of insurance, are affected by today’s out of control inflation.

As you are well aware, we are looking at a severe issue with the United States being bombarded with inflation andbest life insurance for nra members leading to an adverse economy. As a result, the cost of virtually everything is going up; to say the least, it is very depressing.

Along with every other product or service, insurance rates may also increase due to the higher costs the companies are experiencing. Once your application is in force, your premiums will not go up.

If you need life insurance, I recommend applying as soon as possible, and you will lock in your rates. Procrastinating will only lead to higher premiums, and nobody wants to pay more than they have to.

So regardless of who you buy it from, we recommend getting your application in as soon as possible. Then you can have the peace of mind that your rates will never go up along with everything else in this country.


What is a Pre-Screen and Does It Contribute to Obtaining the Best Rates?

By answering a few questions during the pre-screening process, which takes approximately 10 minutes, we can then determine the most suitable carrier for your application.

You can run website quote engines to your blue in-the-face, but you may look at rates you may not qualify for. If you have health conditions, a hazardous occupation, or a dangerous sport, among any other concerns, you need an insurance professional to review your information.

Nothing is worse than applying for life insurance and having a surprise at the end of the application process.

Knowing what company to apply to is essential. An application pre-screen (if you have any medical conditions) will help your agent choose the most logical carrier based on your specific health history.  


How Can You Ensure That You’re Obtaining the Most Affordable Rates?

We provide every potential applicant with a spreadsheet showcasing the rates from over 40 carriers.  Reasonable rates are not good enough; we want you to receive the best rates!

The easiest way to ensure you will get the best rates is to compare the rates of all of the most competitivebest nra life insurance rates companies. You may easily do this with our website’s comparison system. The rates you will see are pulled directly from each insurer’s data server.

If their rates fluctuate up or down, they will immediately be reflected in our quoting tool. All of the best life insurance rates for NRA members will be visible in our quoting system.

We will also perform this quote comparison process for you at no cost or obligation. Knowing what options you have before you consider completing an application will give you an idea of what companies will offer you the best life insurance rates and be the smartest choice to apply with.

As I said, a medical pre-screen is recommended if you have any medical conditions. The process is free; it takes about 10-15 minutes to determine which company will offer you the lowest rates. We always communicate with several companies underwriting teams first before you ever apply. 

A medical condition or involvement in a dangerous occupation/sport could be a factor in determining your insurance premiums.


What Factors Do Insurers Use to Calculate Your Premiums?

These are the basic categories insurers look for to determine your health classification. 

Health History – Insurance Underwriters must know and understand your overall health in order to properly assign you the proper health classification.

Tobacco Use – If you smoke (especially cigarettes) you will be issued a smoker rate classification, chewing tobacco can also affect your rates.

Occupation – Dangerous occupations can also affect your application if there is a high risk of being killed on the job.

Sports & Hobbies – Hazardous sports and hobbies that could be life threatening have to be taken into consideration.

Driving Record – Applicants that drive with a history of alcohol or drug use will be considered high risk applicants.

Parental Health History – If your parents pass away before age 50 from heart disease or cancer, it may indicate a possible genetic transfer to the applicant.

Medication – The type of medication you take may be a concern but sometimes it will be considered a plus to have on your application.

Height & Weight – If you are overweight or obese, your health classification possibly could be affected depending on your specific height and weight.

Credit History – Statistics show that people with very poor credit scores can be at higher risk for all forms of insurance. This is usually not much of a concern for life insurance.


Avoid Making These Typical Errors When Buying NRA Life Insurance Policy

*Many navigate from one website to another, looking at the same companies. As a result, you will repeatedly review the same companies and premiums which is redundant and confusing.

*Quoting life insurance plans and using the default health class of “Preferred Best” is a rate class they may not be healthy enough to qualify for. If you have any severe health conditions, it is best to contact us for a medical pre-screen and a life insurance quote right over the phone.

*Life insurance shoppers tend to quote face amounts that will be more or less than they really need.

*Consumers often review plan designs that they don’t fully understand and get frustrated. All they need is an experienced agent to explain everything to them.


Did You Know Women’s Rates Are Approximately 15% Less Than Men’s?

Attention ladies, this section of the post is for you! The statistics clearly show that women. Yet life insurancebest nra life insurance companies reward them with approximately 15% lower rates than men. One of the most important reasons is that women see a doctor more often than men.

As a result, medical conditions can be found and treated much sooner. Females also typically take care of themselves better than men do. Remember that this is not my opinion; it’s a well-known medical fact.

You can compare our website quoting system rates if you are female. Check “female” in the gender menu, and female rates are lower. 


The quickest and most efficient way to shop for an NRA Life Insurance policy is to work with an independent agent (broker) and let him do all the work for you! An agent’s assistance is free at no cost or obligation.


What Are My Options for Life Insurance Coverage?

You have three main choices in plan designs.

NRA Term Life Insurance:

 Keep in mind that term life insurance is a temporary product. These types of plan designs will pay a death benefit for a specified period of 10-30 years. Banner Life now also offers 35 and 40-year term policies also. Term life insurance will offer you the best NRA life insurance quotes with no close second.

Universal Life:

 This permanent form of coverage, referred to as universal life, will stay in force for the entire length of the insured’s life. You can purchase it with either a cash-value option that builds interest or an inexpensive option with no cash value.

Whole Life:

 This is the oldest form of life insurance in existence. The plan, designed to be known as Whole Life Insurance, provides permanent coverage with a cash value savings component. Whole Life policies cost approximately ten times the amount that term policies do.

Term life insurance is the number one choice, with no close second. The term has the lowest premiums; you can purchase a higher face amount (death benefit) and still afford the premium. Also, the non-medical exam policies are a great choice if you want to eliminate an exam.

If you find you need a permanent policy, Universal Life will be your product. Unfortunately, whole life insurance is far too expensive ever to be cost-effective. Whole Life insurance is mainly used for final expense policies for seniors, babies, and young children. 


Which Companies Provide the Most Competitive Rates?

There are many excellent life insurance companies you can choose from. The best life insurance company will be the company that offers you the lowest rates. This will depend on your specific age, health, occupation, and lifestyle.

We work with over 40 top-rated companies, but here is an essential list of some of the ones with the lowest rates. You can compare NRA term life insurance quotes from these companies and more on our instant quoting system.

  • AIG American General
  • Protective Life
  • Prudential
  • Transamerica
  • John Hancock
  • American General 
  • Assurity Life
  • Principal Financial
  • North American 
  • Lincoln Financial
  • SBLI (Savings Bank Life Insurance)


What Are the Different Methods for Applying for an NRA Life Insurance Policy?

Regardless of whether you are an NRA member, there are three ways you can apply for life insurance. Here is a breakdown of your three choices:

Paper Applications – A paper application is obsolete by today’s standards. Completing a 25-page application is far tooNRA Life Insurance time-consuming, not to mention the case writer cramp you will have.

In addition, nobody ever enjoyed completing a paper application, and they deter some people from even applying. 

Online Applications – are acceptable, but some people find that their internet connection can slow the application. Sometimes, there will be software bugs that can create a headache for the applicant. We try to omit these types of applications.

Telephone Applications – Your third and best choice is the telephone application, which is the application for you, especially if you want simplicity and a considerable time-saving bonus. We use the “Snap-App” telephone application system, which makes applying for life insurance simple and fast.


In Conclusion

If you want to know more about NRA life insurance, don’t hesitate to contact us today; we will answer your questionsNRA Life Insurance Policy and get you pointed in the right direction. In addition, we will show you all your options to feel confident in what product would be a good fit for you. 

If you decide to apply, we will walk you through the simple process one step at a time. Remember, we will be happy to answer any of your questions concerning life insurance at no cost or obligation.

I hope this blog post has helped you and other members learn about the best NRA life insurance and how to get the lowest rates. So don’t forget to keep your powder dry and pay your National Rifle Associations dues.

All the best,
Jack Venturi

*For any questions you might have, our live chat system is at your disposal and we will provide a quick answer.

If you have questions about NRA Life Insurance, contact us today to help you at no cost or obligation. Our job is to help you get approved for the best policy for your needs with the lowest rates. You can also set up a time to get all your questions answered.


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