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Applying for Life Insurance Is Now a Very Simple Process

Life insurance telephone applications are here to save the day. Every year it seems that people have more on their platelife insurance telephone applications than ever before. Therefore, solutions to save time are much more important than ever. For all practical purposes, paper and online applications are considered obsolete and time-consuming. The most practical and efficient application is simply by completing your application over the telephone. We use telephone applications with the SnapApp application system.

All that is required is a 10-minute pre-application with us over the phone. Within 24 hours, an application team member will contact you by telephone. They will set up a time at your convenience to formally complete the actual telephone application (which usually takes 15 to 20 minutes). Contact us and we will help you begin an application by calling us at (815) 390-7545, seven days a week.


Complete Your Application Over the Telephone!

People will always dread having to complete a 30-page paper application. If you missed a question on the paperlife insurance telephone applications application, the application would be delayed until properly answered. Also, your application could be delayed if your handwriting is not legible. Then the times changed, and the online application’s invention expedited the application process. The only problem with online applications was slow internet connections or app software glitches.

We now use simple telephone applications to reduce the time consumption for our applicants. All you have to do is sit back and answer the simple questions. The telephone application department does the rest of the work. Most of the work you will have is simply signing an electronic application.

Use Our Quoting System to Instantly Compare Rates

We provide the best life insurance rates from the nation’s top-rated carriers. Purchasing low-cost term insuranceinstant life insurance quotes is now a straightforward process when applying for any individual product. Our quote engine allows you to compare over 40 of the best companies. These are immediate quotes with only the basic information required.

If you have any medical conditions, you can still get excellent rates by applying for high-risk life insurance. You can even find some of the best rates without a medical exam. Quoting rates go up every year as you get older. So get a free online quote today and lock in your rates. Purchasing your life insurance online is as easy as falling off a log.

How Do We Guarantee the Best Rates Possible?

We use the largest selection of competitive companies in the nation. We also pre-screen health conditions, hazardous jobs, or sports you may have. This quickly eliminates any surprises you may have down the road. After that, we will connect you with the company offering you the lowest rates. Once the selection process is over, we can help you apply and get approved as soon as possible.

Suppose we can improve your final underwriting decision. In that case, we can renegotiate with the carrier or send your application to other life insurance companies to review so we can help you get the lowest rates possible. All the work is done on our end, so there is no time consumption for you. This is a simple and straightforward process and we have historically received excellent results.

If you have questions concerning how to apply for life insurance, contact us today and let us help you with no cost or obligation. You can also set up a specific time to have us answer all your questions. 

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