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About Us

As an independent insurance agency specializing in all forms of life insurance, our business offers the convenience of shopping for life insurance over the telephone or computer from the comfort of your home. Our goal is to provide the best life insurance products to everyone regardless if they have serious medical conditions, dangerous occupations, hazardous sports or a very limited budget. We are independent agents which means we are not captive agents that work directly for insurance companies.

We are brokers that are contracted with over 40 trusted life insurance companies that offer the finest life insurance products with the most competitive rates in all 50 states.

Purchasing life insurance is a very important step to protecting your family’s financial future. It is imperative that you know and trust who you are purchasing your life insurance from. A mistake at this point in time could mean a nightmare for your dependents many years from now if a demise triggers the need for the life insurance.

Our Experience:

We have well over 20 years experience helping folks receive the lowest rates on life insurance whether they are perfectly healthy or have high risk medical conditions. There is no substitute for experience and our most important goal is helping our clients secure the best life insurance products for their specific needs at the lowest premium possible. If you are like most people and don’t have much experience with life insurance, you better make sure your agent or broker does.

Our Reputation:

Regardless of what business someone is in, honesty and trust is always going to be the most important qualities consumers will first look for. Our impeccable reputation in the business is our most important and valuable asset by far. Our business is based on knowledge, continued training and education along with a very strong code of ethics.

Our Company Founder:

Jack Venturi who is the founder of our agency is licensed in Commercial & Personal lines Property &Casualty insurance along with Life, & Health insurance as well. His extensive insurance background allows him to be able to custom design the most applicable and effective life insurance products for our clients.

Here Is What We Do

1. Explain how life insurance actually works so you can feel confident and totally understand the process using simple terminology you can easily understand.

2. Provide you with the knowledge you need to understand what type of life insurance to apply for.

3. Enable you to understand the application process so you will know what to expect step by step.

4. Apply and inevitably be approved for a life insurance product that will easily fit into your budget.

Here Is What We Don’t Do

1. We never use any form of sales pressure ever. Our competitors use more than enough of that.

2. Dictate what we feel you need. We want your input so you apply for the plan that you actually are looking for and feel comfortable with having.

3. We never keep our clients in the dark. We keep them posted throughout the complete application process.

4. We never say goodbye after you have been successfully issued your new life insurance. At this point in time our job is just starting with customer service as your agent.

Our Quoting System:

If you utilize our secure websites quoting tool, you will immediately find how easy it is to be able to compare life insurance rates on a side by side comparison design. This give you the immediate ability to compare the comprehensive list of trusted companies to see who has the lowest rates for your specific quoting information. The rates you see will always be accurate and up to date.

Why Choose Us?

With all the other insurance agencies out there, why would you choose us to help you purchase your new life insurance product? Our answer to this question would be based on our friendly personalized service along with our extensive experience level and our mission to make sure you purchase the most effective life insurance that will comfortably fit your budget.

Our Reliability:

Unlike most other insurance agencies, you can reach us during our normal hours of 9:AM to 9:PM seven days a week. We can easily arrange special times outside these hours to converse if need be.


Any information you pass along to us either from the very basic information required to run the quoting system to the information you provide to run a medical pre-screen if you have pre-existing health conditions will be always handled with strict confidentiality. We never ever share or sell your information to anyone.


Our primary goal is to make applying for life insurance simple and easy, and
we believe we’re doing just that. Give us a try and we think you’ll agree.

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