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Women’s Life Insurance – Life Insurance Quotes for Women

Jack Venturi Life Insurance for Women, Term life insurance Comments Off on Women’s Life Insurance – Life Insurance Quotes for Women

life insurance for womenEvery month I usually have two or three women activate my life insurance websites quote engine and review life insurance quotes for women from many of the companies rates that we display. In these several situations the female who is shopping for life insurance fails to change the drop down menu to female and accidentally reviews male rates by mistake. This causes no problems at all but they normally don’t realize that life insurance rates for men can be over 20% higher that the rates for women. 

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How to Receive the Best Life Insurance Rates for Alcohol Drinkers

Jack Venturi Life insurance for heavy drinkers & alcoholics, Term life insurance Comments Off on How to Receive the Best Life Insurance Rates for Alcohol Drinkers

life insurance for alcohol users and drinkersShopping for the best life insurance rates for alcohol drinkers that consume a high volume of alcohol, can sometimes get complicated. Millions of people in the United States drink alcoholic beverages and sometimes abuse alcohol. It is very easy to do since a person can find themselves drinking everyday a little more at a time. It slowly but surely can get out of control. Sooner or later these folks will want to purchase life insurance and hope they can qualify for low rates.

In fact, recent studies have shown that 55% of adult Americans have some form of alcohol abuse in their medical history. Before we talk about how to shop for life insurance when using alcohol, let’s talk about how it effects the human body and how the life insurance companies view it as a negative aspect on your application. After you read this article you should be much more knowledgeable on the negative effects of this drug and how to get the lowest life insurance rates if you someday go to apply.

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10 Incredibly Effective Ways to Get the Lowest Life Insurance Rates

Jack Venturi 10 ways to get the lowest life insurance rates, Term life insurance Comments Off on 10 Incredibly Effective Ways to Get the Lowest Life Insurance Rates

Getting the lowest life insurance ratesAnytime a person shops for any product or service their two main goals will be to make the purchase and not spend any more money than they have to in the process. This holds true for anyone that plans on purchasing life insurance as well. There are many different life insurance plan designs available and there are also many different life insurance companies as just as well. This article will be all about having your cake and eating it too. My goal is to make you more knowledgeable about life insurance but especially how to make sure you receive the lowest possible rates you can qualify for. I have broken this down into 10 extremely effective ways to get the lowest life insurance rates.

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Life Insurance for Private Pilots – Airline Pilot Life Insurance

Jack Venturi Helicopters, Life insurance for pilots, Term life insurance Comments Off on Life Insurance for Private Pilots – Airline Pilot Life Insurance

Life insurance for pilotsIf you are planning on purchasing life insurance for private pilots or airline pilots for that matter, you will be classified as a form of high risk life insurance. This certainly does not mean you can’t get life insurance or you will pay a much higher premium for it. You still have an excellent market of companies to choose from that have excellent rates for pilots. My first tip is to connect with an experienced independent life insurance agent or broker that specializes in high risk life insurance. Purchasing life insurance for a commercial or private pilot can often be more involved because of the additional risks pilots take, but the process should be a smooth stress free event. Working with an experienced broker will make all the difference in the world.

This article is all about how to purchase life insurance for pilots and secure the lowest rates possible. Once you read this article, you will have a much better understanding about applying for pilot insurance and receiving the lowest rates possible.

A percentage of the life insurance companies in the U.S. have reservations about the risk factor when insuring pilots. In other words, they don’t feel totally comfortable in this high-risk market. This simply means a good agent should omit these companies from their quoting process and concentrate on the companies that have a favorable opinion on pilots. The most important factor to receiving the lowest rates is to choose the correct company for the specific application. We work with many trusted companies that have no qualms with aviators and offer excellent rates.

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How to Take Selfies and Live to See Your Photographs!

Jack Venturi Term life insurance, The dangers of taking selfies Comments Off on How to Take Selfies and Live to See Your Photographs!

Deaths from taking selfiesDid you ever think that simple photography could take a person’s life? Well it can and at a very alarming rate all around the world and the numbers are rising. The new rage is taking high risk selfie photographs, which is simply taking a photo of yourself. The whole idea is taking a photo of yourself in a dangerous or very exiting environment. Deaths from selfies are going up and up every year. Taking selfies are actually becoming illegal in some areas where the photographer can put himself in a dangerous position and creating a prize-winning photo. Photography is you may know is a wonderful hobby, but people all over the world are taking it to a new level. Hopefully these people below had affordable life insurance for their families.

More than 25% of selfie-related deaths, are in their mid twenties with about 75% of the people are males. The most hazardous places to take a self-portrait are usually taken in high places or in water of oceans, rivers and lakes. Over 16 people have died from falling off a cliff or a tall building, while over 14 people have met their death by drowning.

Here are some examples of dangerous selfies that have quickly and brutally killed their daredevil photographers.

The Cliff Selfie:

Recently, a grown man fell to his death while posing for a picture on a rocky ledge at Machu Picchu, the ancient Incan citadel in located in the country scenic country of Peru in South America. This ledge was built many years ago, for religious human sacrifices. This was the theme of the photo where it could show what the ledge would look like and the long way down. The photographer was going to pull out all the stops on this one to get the most impressive photograph. He backed up to the ledge so the snapshot would show the drop off area and then, you guessed it, he fell off to his bloody death.

Swimming Related Selfie:

The most fatal selfie-related accident happened just a few months ago, a group of 7 friends wereDeaths from taking selfies enjoying their time swimming in the Ganges river in India. One of them started taking selfies and slipped into the water where he started drowning. One after another, his six friends jumped into the water in an attempt to save one another.

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The Top 10 Best Life Insurance Companies for 2017 – In Depth Review

Jack Venturi The Best Life Insurance Companies Comments Off on The Top 10 Best Life Insurance Companies for 2017 – In Depth Review

Top 10 Life Insurance Companies If you are considering purchasing Term life insurance, one of the biggest factors will be what company will work the best for you. There is no one company that will be a perfect fit for everybody. The number one goal each consumer looks for is who offers the best life insurance with the lowest rates. After that, most people look for a company that is in excellent financial condition so they have the peace of mind that the company will be able to pay out if and when the need arises. This article will revolve around what companies would make a good choice and what are their strengths and possible weaknesses. After you read this article, you will have a good understanding on what life insurance companies will be the best choices for you to apply with. Do your homework now so you can make the best decision when you go to apply.

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