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Here’s Our Story – Jack Venturi

I created this website to become an enormous online resource of information. Many consumers need help learning more about the many life insurance products available to them and their costs. However, this can be confusing to most people, so we try to simplify the situation by offering professional assistance over the telephone, email, or screen-sharing sessions at no charge or obligation. In addition, purchasing life insurance is a significant investment because it protects the financial future of the policyholder’s dependents.

A life insurance policy will determine if a person’s family will continue to live easy or encounter a financial struggle that could change the course of their lives forever. We take this very seriously and are committed to providing the best service possible.


Pioneering the Online Insurance Business 

I am one of the first brokers to provide insurance information and professional assistance approximately 25 years ago on the internet using a website. Many people told me that the internet would not be around long and would probably fizzle out. Can you imagine that people buy most of the products in their possession by purchasing them on an internet website? 

We specialize in life insurance and offer Commercial Property & Casualty, Personal lines, Auto & Homeowners, and individual and Group Health, Dental, and Disability Insurance. Having a broader background in the insurance industry gives me a better understanding of life insurance and what people need from their insurance products.


Our Office Location

Our office address is 21455 Pilgrim Road in Chadwick, Illinois. where is locatedMost consumers never physically visit an insurance agency. Over 85% of consumers purchase their life insurance online and do not meet with agents face-to-face. The percentage goes up every year and is a rapidly growing trend for buying all products.

We converse and help people from all 50 states over the telephone and with the help of our website. Today, many Americans make most of their large purchases from the comfort of their home computer in their pajamas.


What Are Our Hours of Operation?

Our hours of operation are straightforward; we are open seven days a week from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM. Many people haveour hours of operation conflicting hours and cannot quickly speak with an insurance agent during regular business hours. Evenings and weekends are sometimes the only times they can comfortably converse with an agent.

I decided to offer the best hours for people to receive the help they need. You can also set up a specific time to discuss your life insurance needs by reserving a time on our calendar. Securing a dedicated time to talk can eliminate playing phone tag, which does not accomplish anything but is a waste of valuable time.


Who Can We Help the Most?

We can help anyone, of course, but we give a lot of help to people who have serious health concerns, hazardous occupations, or dangerous sports, which could impact their ability to get affordable rates. In addition, pre-existing medical conditions, height and weight issues are prevalent among many applicants. We specialize in life insurance with high risks to ensure everyone can get excellent life insurance that meets their needs and budget.

What Products Do We Offer?

We offer the finest life insurance products from over 4o of the highest-rated life insurance companies. We work with all the top companies to ensure we are confident that our clients will receive the lowest premium possible after they apply.

All of the best Term, Universal Life, Whole Life, No Medical Exam, Return of Premium, Final Expense, and many others, are listed on our website to read about and understand. In addition, our website provides instant life insurance quotes so consumers can visualize these products and their costs with up-to-date actual premiums displayed side-by-side.


Here Is What We Do Not Offer

We don’t use any sales fluff or related malarkey like you have seen on many other insurance-related websites. Some of these websites can virtually ruin your experience on the internet and insult people’s intelligence. I am sure you have seen plenty of these during your search for life insurance. In addition, the extravagant discounts some claim to offer are deceptive and sometimes illegal. The critical fact to remember is that all insurance rates are regulated by law.

Insurance companies publish premiums, and the agents have no control over the price. Every state in the country has a Department of Insurance that regulates the premiums of all insurance policies. They do this for your protection, so the insurance market does not become a used car lot experience. Instead, we shop in a market hard to target life insurance companies that will provide you with the lowest rates based on your health and other specific information.  


Our Mission 

Our goal is to provide consumers with all the life insurance-related information they need to make an intelligent buying decision. Then, if theyour mission & promise decide to apply, we will walk them through the whole process step-by-step. We always ensure they have an excellent experience from the quoting process in the very beginning to when their policy has become active.

If they decide not to apply at this point, that will be fine because we want everyone to move at their own pace. If you are looking for comprehensive life insurance information and excellent customer service, you have come to the right place.

All the Best,
Jack Venturi



Jack Venturi Independent Insurance Agent

Jack Venturi

Independent agent and founder of

Jack Venturi has over 30 years of experience selling individual and commercial insurance, including Property & Casualty, Health, Disability, and Life insurance. Jack has helped thousands of people all across the United States purchase the best life insurance products at the lowest premiums possible over the phone (708) – 334-6226 and online.