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Term Life Insurance for Cancer Survivors

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Life Insurance for Cancer SurvivorsIf you have currently have a form of cancer or ever had cancer in the past the good news is Term life insurance for cancer patients and cancer survivors can be available still be available to you. The most accurate way and the easiest way to see if you will qualify is contact an experienced life insurance agent and have him run a medical pre-screen for you totally free of charge.

There is usually a medical questionnaire or two for you to complete and then your agent can contact the most applicable life insurance companies and get the ball rolling. I personally have seen many positive cases where a cancer patient was able to purchase a Term life insurance policy at an affordable premium. It is going to depend heavily on what form of Cancer did you have and what was the stage it was first diagnosed.

Using multiple carriers in the quoting process is the best way to get the lowest premium.

In order to be the most effective, your agent should have a number of carriers to choose from to pre-screen and see comes back with the most positive outlook on proceeding with the application process. There were over 900,000 cases of Cancer reported in the year 2013 and more to be expected to be diagnosed in the next year of 2014. Approximately 4 out of every 10 Americans will be reported as having this medical issue. The rate of people being diagnosed with Cancer has been going up steadily and the success rate in treating this illness has been going up also thanks to medical advancements and research.

Some of the important concerns when medical pre-screening Cancer for a proposed applicant would be what size were the tumor or tumors in question.

What was the grade and stage of the Cancer when first discovered? Also did the Cancer cell reach the lymph nodes? If you Cancer treatment have ended when were the last days of treatment and the completion dates of your last treatment? The insurance carriers will also need to know if you ever had the Cancer relapse and what medication did you take and are you still required to continue taking

Here are some specific forms of Cancer and how they are normally viewed by the carriers and some of the questions that come into play when requesting term life insurance quotes for Cancer patients:

These forms of cancer each have their own specific medical underwriting factors which a life insurance carrier will review when considering a life insurance application, such as for a Cancer patient or survivor. Purchasing term life insurance for Cancer survivors is a much easier process that it was years ago.

Skin Cancer: Basal Cell and Squamous Cell Carcinoma types:

Basal cell and Squamous cell Carcinoma are by far the most common types of skin cancer, diagnosed in approximately 90% of skin cancer patients. These skin cancers grow very slowly and are easily removed which is a very important and positive factor in the applicants favor. If you’re in good health except for the Cancer, you will be more than likely be approved for standard Term life rates. The same will hold true for Universal life insurance also.

Term Life Insurance & Skin Melanoma:

This can normally be a more dangerous form of the skin Cancer family. Melanoma cancers only appear in about 5-8% of all skin cancer cases diagnosed, but can unfortunately account for the most skin cancer deaths. However, if it is diagnosed and treated early enough, there is a good chance of a totally full recovery. The main issue with melanoma is that it can metastasize and spread to other locations in the human body, including the lymph nodes and many of the major organs.

If the cancer has been completely removed by means of surgery, and you have been cancer free for one or two years, you may be approved for a Term life insurance policy or one of the permanent plan designs such as Universal life insurance or whole life insurance for Cancer patients and survivors.

If the skin Cancer has spread.

If the skin Cancer has had time to spread and has been treated with either Chemotherapy or radiation treatments, then it is possible you may have to be Cancer free for as long as 10 years before you can be approved for a life insurance policy. You may be eligible for a life insurance policy in less time but you will most likely have to pay a higher life insurance premium.

Life Insurance & Breast Cancer:

If you are a breast Cancer survivor, the most important information the life insurance companies will need to know is whether you are in a full state remission. The life insurance carrier will ask you questions such as the date you were first diagnosed with the Cancer, the types of medical treatments you received, how regularly you’ve been re-tested, and how long you’ve been free of Cancer. The longer that you’ve been cancer free, the better your chances of getting approved for life insurance.

Life Insurance & Prostate Cancer:

This is another common form of Cancer in the US. The two main issues that a life insurance company will want to look at include your (PSA) levels as well as your Gleason score as well. The Gleason score determines how likely it is for the cancer to spread. If the level is low, the likelihood of the cancer spreading is much less which always means good news is for the patient.

The most important issue life insurance companies will be looking at is how long you’ve been cancer-free since your surgery or other medical treatment. If you’ve undergone regular testing and you are under the care of a doctor and have a clean bill of health, you may be eligible for affordable life insurance.

The wisest thing to do, is wait it out.

Attempting to apply for life insurance as a Cancer patient will normally not be successful. All you can do is waiting until you have completed your treatment and then apply for a policy. If you can remain cancer free, you may be able to lower your life insurance rates over time a period of time. However, your rate depends on the type of cancer you have, and how long you’ve been in remission.When finding life insurance for cancer patients, the most important thing you can do is provide the company with as much information as you can.

Here is some good strategy to get lower life insurance rates for Cancer patients:

Have your agent request Term life Insurance quotes from different companies. No two insurance companies are going to underwrite the same. Consider getting the assistance of an independent agent who can look for cancer life insurance policies and compare rates and options on your behalf unlike a captive agent who works for one company and one company only.

Don’t apply until after all of your tests. Life insurance companies want to know that your health is stabilized. If your tests show that you are in complete remission, you can potentially qualify for lower life insurance rates. Give it some time. The longer you have been in remission, the more likely you will receive lower rates, so it can pay to wait a little while to apply.

Other important things to know about Cancer life insurance.

The first and most important thing is to not be discouraged, even if you do have cancer. If you’ve been denied coverage before you’ve gotten past the waiting period, apply again after the waiting period.If you are a cancer survivor and have been in remission from your cancer for several years, there is an excellent chance that you can find an affordable Term life insurance policy. Contact us for free life insurance quotes and medical pre-screens seven days a week. We can help you take the mystery out of shopping for life insurance.

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