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How to Buy Life Insurance With High Cholesterol

How to Apply for Life Insurance With High Cholesterol & Secure the Lowest Rates in [2022]  If you are shopping for life insurance with high cholesterol, you’re in the same boat as millions of other Americans. The good news is you can very quickly get preferred rates if your cholesterol is controlled with medication. Over 74 million people in the United States have high Low-Density Lipoprotein, otherwise known as LDL, which is the bad version of cholesterol. However, purchasing life insurance with high cholesterol is simple, unlike years ago when this was considered a high-risk condition.  LDL (low-density lipoprotein) is the …

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How to Buy Life Insurance With Hazardous Occupations

How to Apply for Life Insurance With a Hazardous Occupation & Secure the Best Rates Purchasing life insurance for high-risk occupations is simple and not expensive as you may think. Approximately 11% of Americans have high-risk jobs. More people than ever have hazardous occupations because they usually pay higher wages. On the other hand, most people in the workforce have relatively safe trades with little risk of getting injured or killed. These can be office workers such as accountants, bankers, and school teachers. Another class would be the blue-collar occupations such as forklift drivers, machinists, welders, and auto mechanics, to …

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What Are the Most Dangerous Sports in the World?

Most Dangerous Sports in the World for Injuries & Deaths in [2022] Did you ever stop to think that your favorite sport might affect the cost of your new life insurance premiums? Several dangerous sports and hobbies could impact your chances of receiving the best rates. This article will cover the most dangerous sports in America that could cause you to pay more than you expected for life insurance. Some of these sports will surprise you. Sometimes a hazardous sport can impact your application like a serious health condition. A sport that someone might have been active in for many years may …

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What Are the Top Eight Most Dangerous Sports

Knowing Which Dangerous Sports Have the Most Injuries Can Help You Choose the Safest Sport When you think of the most dangerous sports, your initial reaction may be to steer clear of adventure sports like skydiving or bungee jumping, but the reality is that the danger is much closer to home. Do you happen to play football or Soccer? Then be careful. You may be surprised to learn that these sports have some of the highest reported yearly injuries. In addition, some sports that may appear safe may produce more injuries. Look at these other dangerous sports listed in no …

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How to Buy Life Insurance for Overweight People

How to Purchase Life Insurance for Overweight People & Secure the Lowest Rates Purchasing life insurance for overweight people usually is a simple process. But it will also depend on your height and weight and overall health history. One of the critical factors in getting the best life insurance rates will be simply using the most applicable life insurance company. All life insurance companies underwrite height and weight issues differently.  Using the correct insurer will either make or break the goal of getting the lowest rates possible. We will cover everything you need to know to apply, get approved, and …

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