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Dangerous Sports and Life Insurance Premiums

Most people never consider dangerous sports until they go to apply for life insurance

Did you ever stop to think that your favorite sport might affect the cost of your new life insurance premiums? There aredangerous sports photo a number of dangerous sports and hobbies that could impact your chances of receiving the best rates. This article will cover the most dangerous sports that could cause you to pay more than you expected for life insurance. Some of these sports will surprise you. Sometimes a sport can have more impact on your application than a serious health condition.


Let’s take a look at the most dangerous sports that could take your life!

Base Jumping

There is no question about it, base jumping is known as one of the most dangerous sports (period). B.A.S.E jumping, is a form of parachuting where the participant jumps off a fixed type structure or rocky cliff.  The word BASE is actually an acronym. It stands for the four main categories of fixed objects from which the base jumper can jump off.

The most common fixed object are buildings, antennas, spans, and the earth itself such as a cliff. Will this bizarre sport cost the insurance applicant more money? You bet it will, no question about it. This is a seriously dangerous sport with a considerable history of deaths.

For your information BASE jumping is know as one of the most dangerous recreational activities in the entire world. There is a fatality and injury rate of 44 times as high as Skydiving from an airplane. The reports show as of October 15th 2017, the base jumping fatality list recorded over 330 deaths for base jumping since 1981 (ouch). BASE jumping is known as one of the most dangerous sports. It will have an impact on your rates.

Scuba Diving

Scuba diving has always been classified by the insurance industry as a dangerous sport. Cave diving is a specialized formdangerous sports photo of scuba diving where the divers explore the deep insides of underwater caves. 

Also keep in mind that sharks also lurk in these caves becoming another lethal threat. On an average of 3 cave divers perish while cave diving each year. I personally love Scuba Diving but I never graduated into cave diving because of the dangers. Scuba diving falls into the category of one of the most dangerous sports.


Skydiving has been around for many years and it is growing in popularity each year. Even though there are major improvements of parachute designs, the sport can still be fatal. Regardless of who packs a chute or what brand the parachute is. There is always the possibility of the parachute failing to open and the Skydiver falling to the ground.

When several divers are together, they increase the chance of the parachutes getting tangled. The year 2014 had a total of 18 deaths from skydiving. Having an average of 24 deaths per year make Skydiving is one of the most dangerous sports also.

Bull Riding

Bull riding is a version of a rodeo sport that requires the rider to stay mounted on back of a bull for as long as humanly possible. All this time the huge bull is doing everything to flip the cowboy off his back. Just the simple idea of climbing onto the back of a 2000 lb. bull is incredible to say the least.

The rider is nothing less than a rag doll when compared to the incredible strength of the bull. It known as one of the most dangerous sports in the world. The U.S. professional rodeo circuit averages two deaths per year. Many more bull riders suffer from serious spinal cord and brain injuries every year.

These statistics are from the World Health Organization’s Helmet Initiative Organization records on file.

Motorsports Racing

The Motorsports Racing participants have their fair share of severe injuries and deaths also. Drag Racing especially indangerous sports motorcycle photo the classes using Nitro Methane or Alcohol have the highest statistics. Keep in mind that these cars travel the quarter mile in well over 300 miles per hour. When something goes wrong at that speed, it will definitely be serious and possibly fatal.

Boat Racing can also be very dangerous and in most cases worse than the race cars. Remember that there is no such things as brakes on a boat.

 The ever popular sport of NASCAR Racing has more injuries and deaths than the others racing sports combined.

Ice Climbing

Naturally everyone has heard of rock climbing, but what in the world is ice climbing? If you think it is climbing structures of ice, you are right. ice climbers climb everything from frozen waterfalls to rocky slabs and cliffs covered with heavy deposits of slippery ice. Normally this is much more dangerous than simple rock climbing is. There are usually over 20 reported deaths each year in the United States and Canada from ice climbing.

The sport of ice climbing has all the dangerous of rock climbing but to a much more advanced degree. Life insurance companies are extremely cautious when an ice climber applies for life insurance. This sport will definitely trigger an increase in rates and life insurance premiums.

Hang Gliding

The exciting sport of hang gliding can be very dangerous at times because of a number of variables. Hang gliding is a form of a flying sport. The pilot flies a small and light, foot launched aircraft with no motor whatsoever. 

Most modern hang gliders are made of aluminum materials with a cloth sail that forms a wing. The pilot is then attached to the device with a harness. the pilot controls the aircraft by shifting his or her weight.

The biggest threat is simply crashing to the ground or landing in a body of water and drowning. Hang gliders can also fall victim to wind current sending them into the sides of buildings or mountains.

Hot Air Ballooning

A hot air balloon is called a “lighter than air” type of aircraft. It basically consists of a big balloon called an envelope. This balloon contains a large mass of hot air. The flyers are suspended in what they call a gondola which is usually made of a wicker material in a form of a basket.

The hot air is created by a propane powered torch. The heated air inside the balloon makes it very buoyant because it has a lower density than the air outside the balloon. The dangers are strong air currents pushing balloons off course into a structure such as electric lines or buildings.

The balloon can also lose its heating devices and return to the ground in a dangerous are such as a highway or body of water.

If you have a dangerous sport, here is what you need to do

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Then give us a call and we can run a quick pre-screen to see what company will offer you the best life insurance rates. If you have any medical conditions we can include them on a medical prescreen so there are no surprises if you decide to apply.

Many applicants receive preferred rates even though they are active in a dangerous sport. Using the correct life insurance companies is very import.

In Conclusion

This is just a small sample of some of the sports that can increase the cost of life insurance. If you are involved in a dangerous sport, we can help you get excellent rates and enjoy low premiums. Insuring people with dangerous sports, hobbies and occupations is something we do everyday. We can get you pointed in the right direction and help you receive the best policy with a low premium that will easily fit your monthly budget. Check out our getting started page for more helpful information.

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