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Finding the Lowest Premium

Here are some great tips that will help you receive the lowest life insurance rates!


First of all, finding the lowest premium requires experience! 

Always chose an experienced independent insurance agent that specializes in life insurance. There is a lot involvedlowest premium banner when choosing the most applicable life insurance company to apply with. A good agent makes it look easy but it definitely revolves around years of experience to make the right decision. This is the most important step to finding the lowest premium.


Every carrier has their favorite markets

This will be the most important step that you will need to make in the very beginning. One carrier will be more liberal in the underwriting department when it comes to the age of their applicants, current health conditions and tobacco usage or not. Choosing the correct carrier is a critical first step.

Fully underwritten vs simplified issue policies

A simplified issue type application which will have much less questions and usually no Para-med visit requiring you to take a blood test, blood pressure test, height and weight etc. Be advised that a fully underwritten type application will usually come through with a lower premium due to the fact the insurance carrier knows more about your health history and they are not going to be issuing you a policy without knowing exactly what they are getting themselves into. Insurance companies do not like surprises down the road unless they can help it.


Don’t consume caffeine before your Paramed exam!

Drinking coffee or tea is a sure fire way to raise the high blood pressure flag! Large amounts of caffeine containing drinks can inflate your blood pressure and give a false reading of your blood pressure readings. This could trigger a Hypertension condition which will be noted by the underwriter that reads the test results. This also goes for eating rich foods like pizza and barbecued ribs and such just before your blood test which could indicate you have high Cholesterol when in reality you may not.


Always tell the truth when completing the application!

Not being 100% truthful will always be the worst mistake you can make. This can lead to your application being rejected and possibly being blackballed from applying with another carrier. The worst case scenario is your policy being rescinded when it comes time to make a death claim and the carrier investigates your passing before the make the payout.


Your health history is the single most important consideration!

The better health a person is in, the lower their premiums will be. We do not always have complete control of what our health history will be like now or down the road. All we can do is go to the doctor on a regular basis, eat right and stay away from foods or drinks that could have an impact on our overall health. Feel free to use our quote engine to review the best term life insurance quotes & comparisons.


Pay your premium on an annual billing mode if possible

You can end up saving close to 10% on you premiums if you pay annually instead of the other modes offered. If you can work this out on your budget, that would save you a considerable amount of money especially over the period of a number of years.


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