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Life Insurance With High Cholesterol

Life insurance with high cholesterol can be approved with preferred rates

If you are shopping for life insurance with high cholesterol you’re in the same boat as millions of other Americans. The good news is you can very easily get preferred rates if your cholesterol is controlled with medication.

There are over 74 million people in the United States with high Low-Density Lipoprotein. This is otherwise known as LDL which is known as the bad version of cholesterol. Purchasing life insurance with high cholesterol is simple.

Millions of people in America have high cholesterol but don’t even know it

Less than 1 out of every 3 people with high LDL has their condition under control. These statistics indicate less than half of these people are getting medical treatment for their high cholesterol. This means that many people are going untreated for this dangerous medical condition.

This article is be dealing with how to buy life insurance with low rates for people with high cholesterol. This is a very common high risk medical condition in the United States. This is despite your high cholesterol issues if your condition is kept in check with medication. 

How life insurance companies look at high cholesterol conditions

Cholesterol is commonly known as a waxy substance that’s found in the fats otherwise known as lipids in your blood. Even though your body needs cholesterol to continue to build healthy blood cells. Having too much high cholesterol can drastically increase your risk of heart disease. Heart disease is the number one killer in the United States. Heart disease even kills more people than Cancer.

When an individual has high cholesterol, they may develop dangerous fat deposits in their blood vessels. As time goes by, these deposits make it very difficult for ample blood to flow through their arteries. A heart that does not get enough oxygen-rich blood will increase the risk of a heart attack. Also, a shortage of blood to one brain can cause a stroke. Strokes can be as quick and fatal as heart attacks.

High cholesterol can be inherited, but it’s often the result of unhealthy lifestyle choices, and thus preventable and treatable. A healthy diet, regular exercise and sometimes medication can go a long way toward reducing high cholesterol.

Excellent companies to apply with when you have high cholesterol

Banner Life:

This is one of our favorite companies that offers folks Preferred Plus rates if you have a cholesterol ratio of no more than 4.5. This is with a total level not exceeding 300. Ratios over 4.5 but under 5.5 can qualify for Preferred rates which is still an excellent rate class. Keep in mind that Preferred Plus rates are going to be limited to people in excellent health.

Those under 6.5 are eligible for Standard Plus. Standard rates are offered to those with high ratios that are still under 8.0, with total cholesterol levels still below the range of 300. Banner Life is one of the most competitive carriers in the life insurance market especially for term life insurance.


Men with ratios under 5.0 (with total cholesterol below 300) can qualify for their Preferred Plus rates. While women under 4.5 are eligible for the same rates. The requirements get tighter for their Preferred rates, with 5.5 being the limit for men and 5.2 being the limit for women. Those with ratios no higher than 6.0 can still qualify for their Standard ratings.


 Applicants with ratios of no more than 5.0 are eligible for Prudential’s Preferred Plus rates. While those with a ratio of no more than 6.0 will be placed in their Preferred rate class. Those with ratios no higher than 7.0 are eligible for Standard Plus.

This company allows total cholesterol levels for all of their health classes to go up to a maximum of 300. For many, Prudential is an excellent choice since they are more liberal with their requirements than most other companies.

These are just a few of the companies that work out well when applying for life insurance with high cholesterol. We work with over 40 of the most trusted life insurance carriers.


The usual symptoms of high cholesterol

The bad part about this dangerous medical condition is high cholesterol actually has no symptoms at all. Only a blood test will detect high cholesterol. The lack of symptoms is why so many people walk around with high cholesterol and don’t even know it.

Some of the causes

Cholesterol travel through your bloodstream and attaches proteins in your blood. This combination of proteins and cholesterol is referred to as lipoprotein. The different types of cholesterol are based on what type of cholesterol the lipoprotein carries throughout the bloodstream. The low-density lipoprotein LDL otherwise known as the bad version of cholesterol LDL, spreads a type of cholesterol particles completely through your body.

The dangerous LDL cholesterol builds up in the walls of your arteries, making them hard and narrow to the point of blood flow restriction. This also promotes high blood pressure.

The right type of cholesterol is good for you!

On the other hand, the high-density type lipoprotein HDL. Also known as the good form of cholesterol consumes the excess cholesterol and takes returns it back to your liver which is a good thing. Many people do not know that there is actually a good form of cholesterol.

Inactivity, obesity otherwise known as being overweight and especially an unhealthy diet will increase high LDL cholesterol levels. Low HDL cholesterol levels putting you in great risk for a heart attack or stroke. This medical condition can also be passed down through your genes by your parents and actually inherited in simple terms.

Factors that contribute to causing a high cholesterol condition


All forms of smoking can damage the interior walls of your blood vessels. If this occurs, they can quickly accumulate fatty deposits. Smoking also has been known to lower your level of HDL, otherwise known as the good form of cholesterol. Smoking will also add a tobacco rate to your rates which can increase by well over 200%.


High blood sugar caused by Diabetes contributes to higher LDL lower HDL cholesterol. High blood sugar contents can severely cause damage the lining of your arterial walls.


Being overweight or obese can greatly put you at risk of developing high cholesterol.

Not Enough Exercise:

Physical exercise will increase your body’s HDL. This will increase the size of the particles that make up your LDL bad cholesterol which makes it less harmful to your health.

Unhealthy Diet:

Consuming too much saturated fats, found in animal related products. Also fats found in commercially baked cookies can raise your cholesterol level. Foods that are high in cholesterol, such as red meat such as beef and pork and fatty dairy products can also increase your total cholesterol levels.

What can be done for people with high cholesterol?

The best step to take is go to the doctor for a complete physical and if any medical conditions arise. Start taking the steps to keep them under control or eliminate them all together. If you discover that you have a high cholesterol situation. Do what you have to do in order to reduce your cholesterol readings and then keep them in check. When you apply for life insurance, you will be receiving a blood test that will actually look for abnormalities in your cholesterol levels.

Know your cholesterol levels before you apply for life insurance. The last problem you want is to apply for life insurance only to find out you have high cholesterol. This will show you are doing nothing to keep it under control. The life insurance companies put a lot of weight on your everyday maintain of your cholesterol. People with high cholesterol are also recommended to get an annual blood test.


What do life insurance companies look for on an application?

If you do not like physical exams and blood tests you can apply for No Medical Exam Life Insurance. You still have to inform the company that you have high cholesterol but you don’t have to take a blood test. No Medical Exam Life Insurance usually will cost more that conventional life insurance.

Life insurance companies pay close attention to people with high cholesterol that are taking the proper precautions to keep it under control. A medical history of regular medical checkups is very important to the life insurance companies.

What your life insurance company will be concerned with:

  • When were you first diagnosed with high cholesterol?
  • Is your high cholesterol being controlled and in a safe range?
  • Do you have any other medical conditions present?
  • Do you use smoking related tobacco products?

Preparing for your para-med visit

As far as your cholesterol goes, make sure you stay away from greasy type foods. Such as pizza, cheeseburgers, French fries and greasy bakery such as doughnuts. This will be simple common sense.

Make sure to have a fairly recent blood test indicating your control of the high cholesterol. This is so there are no surprises once the application starts. If the results are not good, take action to improve them. The last problem you will want is having your application declined due to excessive cholesterol and triglycerides.

Limit the consumption of alcohol related drinks such as beer, wine, whiskey and other such alcoholic beverages. Alcohol can create a fatty liver and also increase your cholesterol readings just by themselves.

Good normal levels of cholesterol

  • Total cholesterol Less than 200 mg/dL
  • LDL “bad” cholesterol Less than 100 mg/dL
  • HDL “good” cholesterol 40 mg/dL or higher
  • Triglycerides Less than 150 mg/dL

If you can fall into readings such as these with or without cholesterol medications. You will be in good shape once you start your application process. For some reason if the insurance companies offer for life insurance is not as good as expected. We can send your application to other companies is always an option.

Here are some foods that naturally lower cholesterol

  • Oats – Such as Oatmeal, oat based cereal like the big favorite, Cheerios.
  • Barley & Whole Grains – Such as Oat Bran related foods.
  • Beans – Such as navy and kidney beans to lentils, garbanzos, black-eyed peas, and others.
  • Eggplant & Okra – These two foods are low-calorie vegetables that are good sources of soluble fiber.
  •  Nuts – Eating almonds, walnuts, peanuts, and other nuts is good for the heart. Eating 2 ounces of nuts a day can slightly lower LDL. Nuts also have additional nutrients that protect the heart.
  •  Vegetable oils –  Consuming liquid vegetable oils such as canola, sunflower, safflower, and others in place of butter or shortening when cooking can lower LDL.
  •  Apples, grapes, strawberries, citrus fruits are rich in pectin, a soluble fiber that helps lower LDL.
  •  Soy –  Putting soybeans and foods made from them, like tofu and soy milk on your menu is an excellent way to lower cholesterol.

A medical prescreen can provide an accurate projection of your rates

The majority of the time if your rates change after the underwriting process has be completed. It will stem from your health history and medications used. Medical conditions can increase your premiums so it is a very good idea to perform a 10-minute medical prescreen to see what company will offer you the lowest possible rates. 

Choosing the correct company can make a considerable difference when trying to secure the lowest Term life insurance rates. Permanent life insurance such as Universal Life insurance works the very same way.

A fully underwritten application can usually take 3-4 weeks to complete

If your Doctor’s office sends your insurance company a copy of your medical records promptly, it could easily take less time. The life insurance companies request medical records from your Doctor and pay them to provide an Attending Physician’s Statement. This will be one of the main sources of information the insurance company will use to help determine what your health classification will be placed in. 

Telephone applications are the fastest way to apply 

Telephone applications save a lot of time and make it very simple for all applicant. No one likes completing a lengthy paper application. Online applications are also a good way to apply but some people are not comfortable working with computers. About 95% of our applications are completed using the SnapApp application system. The application takes about 20 minutes from start to finish.

In Conclusion

Purchasing life insurance with high cholesterol is actually a very simple process so do not worry when you go to apply. You can contact us and get all the answers to your questions seven days a week. Use our quoting system to compare life insurance quotes from over 40 of the best rated companies in America. I hope this article has helped you learn more about life insurance and how high cholesterol affects an application. Medical information was provided by our good friends at the Mayo Clinic.

All the best,
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