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How to Buy Life Insurance With Dwarfism & Achondroplasia

How to Apply for Life Insurance With Dwarfism & Secure the Best Rates [2023]

Almost all Americans make purchasing life insurance to protect their family members a common practice. It is priceless tolife insurance with dwarfism have the peace of mind that your family can go on without a financial disturbance if something happens to you.

However, sometimes being approved for coverage due to medical conditions can be a hurdle.

Purchasing life insurance for dwarfism, otherwise referred to as life insurance for Achondroplasia, can sometimes be challenging, but working with the correct agents and insurance carriers can make all the difference in the world.

We specialize in helping people with medical conditions, dangerous occupations, and hazardous sports find the life insurance they need with the lowest premiums. Medical conditions such as dwarfism have to be handled professionally, and that is by first pre-screening the applicant’s condition to determine their overall health complexity, so we can consult with several companies that offer the most approvals and best rates for our applicants.

In many cases, individuals with dwarfism can qualify with standard rates and have very affordable premiums. Being placed in the best health classification possible is the key to success when purchasing life insurance for virtually anyone. Keep on reading, and I will give you a step-by-step guide on how to apply and get approved with the best rates.


What is Achondroplasia?

Achondroplasia, otherwise known as dwarfism, is a genetic condition affecting a protein solution in the human body referred to as the fibroblast growth factor receptor. This protein begins to function abnormally in achondroplasia cases which slows down the growth process of bone in what is known as the “growth plates” of the body.

This inevitably leads to shorter bone development and abnormally shaped bones with a shorter stature of height and width in adults with this condition. Also, 20 to 55 percent of children born with dwarfism will usually develop a neurological condition.

Life insurance companies are much more liberal with medical conditions, hazardous jobs, and dangerous sports than in past years.

What are the Symptoms of Achondroplasia? 

Here are some of the most common symptoms of achondroplasia, but always remember that each child born with this condition may be different:

  • Bowed lower legs
  • Poor muscle tone and loose joints
  • Flat feet that are short and broad
  • Crowded or misaligned teeth
  • The curved lower spine condition is referred to as Lordosis
  • Vertebral canals, which are shorter, may lead to a compression of the spinal cord
  • Large head size with a prominent forehead 
  • Shorter arms and legs, with upper arms and thighs more highly affected
  • Commonly experienced middle ear infections that can lead to partial or total hearing loss

*These symptoms would have to be diagnosed by a qualified physician because they could reflect other medical conditions unrelated to achondroplasia. 


What Are Life Insurance Companies Concerned With?

These are the top five concerns insurers will have questions about.

  1. Obesity – A large percentage of dwarfism patients have a difficult time maintaining safe and healthy body weight.dwarfism questions & answers
  2. Pregnancy – Many women with achondroplasia require a cesarean section when giving childbirth. Women with achondroplasia are more likely to have high-risk pregnancies.
  3. Spinal Cord Issues – Patients with achondroplasia often have lower back or lumbar spinal cord compression issues that result in numbness in the legs due to the compression of the nerves.
  4. Surgical Procedures – Many people with dwarfism have spinal and respiratory complications that may require a series of surgical procedures throughout their lifetime.
  5. Cardiovascular Complications – People with achondroplasia can be born or develop cardiovascular medical conditions due to dwarfism.

Can a Person With Dwarfism Apply for Life Insurance?

People with dwarfism can apply like anyone else because this medical defect is not even considered a disease.

If an individual with achondroplasia wants to apply for life insurance, they can apply just like anyone else. You must remember that dwarfism is not a disease such as heart disease, cancer, multiple sclerosis, or many others. The exact underwriting of dwarfism will be based on what medical conditions have developed because of dwarfism. More or less of these medical conditions that develop from dwarfism will be the main concern for their application for life insurance.

This is why we pre-screen all applicants to get a good idea of the final result before applying. It is also crucial to use the best life insurance companies that are the most liberal for any medical conditions the applicant has.


What Is the Application Process All About?

The exact application process is straightforward; here is a breakdown of how the system works.

1. Your first step is to contact us so we can go over all your options and discuss details such as your face amount, planlife insurance for dwarfism application process design, and budget.

2. We will then pre-screen any health conditions you may have, enabling us to determine which companies will be your best option to apply to. Pre-screening will usually only take a matter of minutes.

3. After determining which insurer to place an application with, we will start the application process with a SnapApp telephone application. This is the simplest and fastest way to apply for life insurance today.

4. Once the application is in the underwriting department, there will be a waiting period for the carrier to process your application. The application turnaround time is usually less than 30 days from start to finish.

5. The final step will be when the company assigns you a health classification approval and policy premium. We advise you to accept their offer only if the application approval returns with a desirable premium. If it does not come back as expected, we will submit your application to multiple other companies to ensure you receive the lowest premium possible.


With today’s modern telephone applications of today, applicants only spend about 15-20 minutes answering a few questions, and the carriers do the rest of the work. You no longer have the burden of completing the old 30-page paper applications.

Who Should I Purchase My Life Insurance From?

There are two types of insurance agents in the United States. The first is captive agents such as State Farm, which can only sell their only products and have their companies’ best interests in mind. The second type of agent is called an independent agent, otherwise known as a broker.

Independent agents like myself have access to over 40 companies and have their clients’ best interests in mind because we do not work for insurance companies. Independent agents always have the best advantage in finding their clients the lowest rates compared to the captive agents that generally specialize in auto and homeowners insurance.


What Is the Best Type of Life Insurance to Apply For?

We usually recommend term life insurance because it is the most cost-effective product. Other products, such as universal life, are excellent products to consider if you want permanent life insurance. The only side effect of universal life is the cost which could easily be five times as much as a term policy. You can also purchase term life insurance with living benefits.


How Can I Compare Life Insurance Quotes With Dwarfism?

You can call us for a rate quote over the telephone, seven days a week.

Here is what I recommend for getting a basic idea concerning life insurance quotes with dwarfism. Complete the formdwarfism life insurance quotes on the right of this blog post, or use our instant quote form when you complete the form using “Standard” in the health classification drop-down menu.

But remember, it will take a medical pre-screen to determine what your projected health class will be if you were to apply.

This will be mainly based on the health history questions we will initially ask you. The life insurance company you apply with will determine your health class and premium costs.


In Conclusion

If you decide to apply, we willlife insurance quotes for people with dwarfism perform all the leg work for you at no cost or obligation. Finding the best rates from all the top-rated companies is simple when you do it every day as we do. 

Don’t hesitate to call us seven days a week and get your questions answered right away. If you thought applying for life insurance for people with achondroplasia would be complicated, don’t give it another thought. We look forward to speaking with you.

All the best,
Jack Venturi

If you have any questions concerning life insurance with dwarfism or anything else, contact us today, and we will help you without any cost or obligation. Remember that we are brokers and work for our clients, not insurance companies. Our mission is to help you get approved with the lowest rates. You can also set up a time at your convenience to talk.  



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