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Low Cost Life Insurance for Steel & Iron Workers

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Low Cost Life Insurance for Steel & Iron WorkersMany people have had the opportunity of seeing a huge high rise building being built in a major city. These same spectators also know what kind of a risk the construction workers take to build us these high tech construction marvels. The job of an iron and steel worker is plain and simple; it’s a very hazardous job.

The dangers that are associated with the construction industry ranging from injuries to fatalities have been well documented throughout the years. The number one leading cause of death in the building construction industry is from falls resulting in over 35% of the deaths related to the construction work employees.

If you are a construction worker in any capacity we can help you find the most affordable life insurance rates available on the  market.

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These types of construction workers have a very serious need for affordable life insurance for structural Steel & Ironworkers.

Ironworkers face the hazards of a possible fall, flying objects accidentally released by other workers and even an impact from a piece of heavy equipment on the construction site. Even if you are the most careful worker on the site, unfortunately accidents can still happen. In the United States, the occurrence of job related fatalities are now even higher in the group of aging Ironworkers. Construction workers over the age of 45 years of age even have a higher accident rate than the younger workers have.

This is due to the normal conditions that aging brings to the table such as slower reflexes to react to danger or a possible accident. Other conditions are some loss of muscle strength and reduced vision and hearing that can alert a worker to danger and make a fast decision what to do. All this is perfectly normal and it is simply brought on by the aging process. Never the less it increases the odds of having a serious job related accident.

There are many dangers on a construction site which would increase the need for affordable Term life insurance for the Iron Workers.

The statistics will usually reflect the top of the list of the most dangerous jobs to have in the United States is the Ironworker. Structural and reinforced iron and metal workers are employed in all parts of the U.S. but most work in the major cities, where the largest percentage of commercial and industrial construction takes place on a regular basis.

The statistics show that work related deaths from falls among Ironworkers are over 10 times higher than the traditional construction worker. More Ironworkers are killed from falls than workers in any other construction type occupation. If there was a concern for purchasing low cost life insurance, it rests with the Ironworkers.

Many construction occupations can be very hazardous and require High Risk life insurance. We can help make your coverage affordable.

The Ironworker faces many dangerous job related conditions on a daily occurrence reinforcing their ranking as one of the most dangerous jobs you can have. Some of the hazardous conditions that Ironworkers have to deal with are working with large and very heavy materials that must be lifted usually by cranes and placed into position by hand. The Ironworker can be found working on unstable working surfaces increasing their very hazard conditions on a daily basis.

The exposure to extremely heavy building materials and heavy equipment also increase the need for High Risk Term life insurance.

The continued movement of heavy building materials such as steel girders by cranes or forklifts could impact the Ironworker knocking them off a highly elevated working surface. Also being trapped between loads could accidentally crush them between two objects. Another issue that comes up with the Ironworker is controlling and directing a heavy load of construction materials into a work area.

A good sense of balance is crucial and any fear of heights can cause a panic situation that could increase the odds of a fall. If a worker is on a high rise building project with heights sometime over 100 floors, a fall to the ground could unfortunately spell certain death.

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