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Life Insurance for Smokers

Life Insurance for Smokers – The Complete Guide for [2021] Read along and you will learn how to get life insurance for smokers with the best rates possible. Life insurance for smokers is normally going to represent higher premiums, but not always. It can depend mainly on what form of tobacco you use and also how much you use it. Sometimes you can qualify for non-smoker rates! We will go over everything you will need to know so you don’t pay one more penny than you should. We work with over 40 life insurance companies. Choosing the company that is …

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Life Insurance Rates are Regulated by Law

Life Insurance Rates are Regulated by Law for Your Protection! Life insurance rates are regulated by law! Without premium regulation, purchasing life insurance would be like buying a used car! The object of this article is to inform you and make sure you understand that. No insurance agent can sell the same insurance product for more or less than another. The insurance companies set the rates and are enforced by each state’s Department of Insurance. You will only see a difference in premiums between one life insurance carrier to another which is perfectly normal competition. Purchasing any type of insurance …

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