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Life Insurance With High Risk Occupations

Purchasing life insurance with a hazardous occupations is not difficult or expensive!

Approximately 11% of Americans have high risk occupations. More people than ever have hazardous occupations because they normally pay higher wages. Most people in the workforce have relatively safe occupations with little risk of getting injured or killed. These can be anything from office workers such as accountants, bankers and school teachers.

Another class would be the blue collar occupations such as forklift drivers, machinists, welders and auto mechanics just to name a few. There is never an issue with these type of job description due to their mild risk factor.

*The higher risk occupations which would include such jobs as professional loggers, iron workers, commercial fisherman, farmers, ranchers, airplane pilots, race car drivers, skydivers, commercial divers and electrical power line repairman. The statistics for these more hazardous occupations are much more likely to have on-the-job fatal accidents.


Using an independent agent gives you the greatest advantage!

An independent insurance agent which is another term for a broker that preferably specializes in hazardous occupations and sports. They can shop the entire market for you and chose the companies with the lowest rates. This is very simple for the brokers because they can shop the entire market for you.

A captive agent such as State Farm, Geico, Country Financial and others can only work with the one company that they work for. All the best life insurance companies look at different occupations in a different light. The big difference in premium savings which vary and depend on exactly what company you use.


What companies have the best rates for hazardous occupations?

This question does not have a specific answer due to the fact the best company will be determined by your exact occupation. What I can tell you is companies such as Prudential, Liberty Financial, Banner Life and American General are some of the best. All life insurance companies underwrite their applications differently. They all look at specific occupations differently when determining the risk factor for the job. We use a case by case approach to make sure we have you apply with the carrier that will offer you the lowest rates.


Hazardous occupations are similar to medical conditions. 

However you look at it, the insurance companies are taking a greater risk. Applicants with medical conditions pose the same exact risk as an individual with a dangerous occupation. Also, sports and hobbies such as drag racing, scuba diving, rock climbing and skydiving are popular events that can increase life insurance premiums.


Hazardous occupations that insurers consider the most dangerous:

  • Loggers and Lumberjacks (usually considered the highest risk
  • Airplane & helicopter pilots along with flight engineers
  • Roofers especially using hot tar
  • Structural iron and steel workers
  • Truck drivers
  • Refuse and garbage collectors
  • Electrical power line repairman
  • Construction workers and laborers
  • Commercial fisherman (working ocean seas)
  • Farmers and ranchers
  • Iron & steel workers


Low cost term life insurance will always be your most cost effective choice.

The two additional choices you have are permanent whole life insurance which is considered obsolete and far too expensive. The other permanent products such as universal life which is much more affordable if you want life insurance that will last the rest of your life. Quite a few people begin their quest for life insurance by investigating whole life plan designs. They instantly find this quest is a waste of their time with many carriers have already dropped from their product line years ago.

They usually change their plan quickly when the see how expensive whole life insurance really is. Approximately 90% of the life insurance sold in the United States today is one of the term plan designs such as the common 20-year term life policy.


No Medical Exam life insurance can be a good option.

Most applicants would jump at the chance to eliminate an exam. But getting the very lowest rates will usually come with the full underwriting process. The ParaMed exam usually take less than 20 minutes to complete and you get a free blood test and physical. The no medical exam life insurance plans are something you don’t want to overlook. These plan designs can easily be used for people with hazardous occupations and want very fast underwriting times.

Hazardous occupations are also referred to as high risk

The terminology high risk just refers to a higher risk than normal. If this risk is added by a sport, medical condition, hobby or job. It increases the risk the insurance company encounters and they have to take this into consideration. Due to the fact all insurance companies underwrite their applications differently. It pays to pre-screen this additional risk and chose the correct insurance company to apply with.


Pre-screening your occupation with multiple companies.

This is virtually the same process as running a medical pre-screen when an applicant has medical conditions. By simply communicating with a few companies and getting their viewpoint on the outcome of an application, can save a lot of time.

Taking a few extra minutes of an agent’s time to pre-screen an application before formally applying is something we do on a regular basis. It is always smart to know what the end result will be before an application is ever submitted.


In Conclusion

If you use our websites quoting system by using the form on the right or our instant quote form. You will be able to review over 40 carriers and see first hand who has the lowest rates. After that, connect with us and we will explain your options in detail. Applying for life insurance with a high risk occupation is a common and simple process.

Working with an independent agent (broker) removes all of the time consumption trying to find the best rates. I hope you enjoyed this blog post. We look forward to speaking with you!

All the Best,
Jack Venturi


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