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Affordable Life Insurance for Masons & Masonic Brethren

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Affordable life insurance for freemasonsAs a licensed life insurance agent and a mason since 1976, I want to offer my services to my fellow fraternity brethren to provide them with a professional source to review the many forms life insurance on today’s modern market. Many new plan designs are being offered to which can make shopping for a new life insurance policy a little confusing if you do not have someone walking you through your many new choices.

Our life insurance office provides consumers with the choice of over 40 of the most highly rated life insurance companies in the nation. Our main goal is to make sure that everyone that purchases life insurance through our agency receives the proper plan design for his or her specific needs at the lowest premium possible. Purchasing life insurance should always be a smooth and simple process.

Activate our quoting system and compare low cost Term life insurance from the top life insurance companies displayed side by side.

Our consumer quoting system will provide easy to understand online quotes for TermLife insurance for Freemasons and Universal life insurance plan designs. Universal life insurance is a permanent plan design that will last the rest of your life as long as you pay your premiums. Term life insurance is a temporary form of life insurance that has a specific time period where the policy will run and then expire by its time limit to stay in force. You have to carefully choose your term period so you don’t accidentally outlive you policy and wind up with no life insurance when you need it most. 

This is where we see the 10 year, 15 years, 20 years, 30 years Term life insurance descriptions. Normally term life insurance has a conversion option which will allow you to convert the policy to a permanent Universal life plan design. Make sure to compare the “Return of Premium” Term life insurance plan designs that return all your premiums after the term period expires if you outlive the policy.

Many people purchase life insurance and unfortunately purchase the wrong plan design for their life insurance requirements.

Term life insurance quotes for MasonsLife insurance is definitely not a one size fits all type of product. This is where professional guidance comes into play so no mistakes are made and the client becomes properly insured. You may have heard the old saying, “if you don’t know your diamonds you better know your jeweler”. This is similar with insurance of all types. Consumers are not expected to be insurance experts but the insurance agents and brokers are.

It is their job to make sure people are properly insured and don’t spend anymore premium dollars than they have to. I have seen many people file insurance claims only to find out that their claim would be declined due to the fact that their insurance policy was not written correctly. This is most common on property & casualty type policies. This can change a person’s life forever depending on what type of a loss was undertaken that the proposed insurance policy was supposed to cover.

Friendship and loyalty to one’s fellow brother is what Masonry is all about.

After I was raised in my local Blue Lodge I went on to the Scottish Rite Cathedral andLife insurance comparisons for Masons then to Medinah Temple in Chicago to become a Shriner. The one fact that always remained the same was very simple. Masons are some of the greatest people you will ever find and the feeling of loyalty and belonging to a wonderful fraternity was always intense. Where else can you feel this kind of trust but in a Masonic related institution such as these. It is unfortunate that all people in the world cannot have this kind of rewarding experience.

If you have any questions regarding any of the affordable life insurance products that we offer, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Life insurance quotes & informations for ShrinersI am available to answer your questions 7 days a week with no obligation what so ever. Purchasing life insurance is a very important step in anyone’s life and you want to make sure it is done correctly and you know all your options before you apply. I wish all my fellow Masonic brethren the very best and hope to see all of you in Lodge one day. Keep up the excellent work making our fraternity the great organization it is. Check out our About Us page to learn more about us and our business. 

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