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What Are Life Insurance Flat Extra Fees?

What Are Life Insurance Flat Extra Fees & How do They Work? Life insurance flat extra fees, what are they, and what do they do? Just about all of us who have purchased life insurance at one time or another fully understand the concept of having a premium to pay each year. Many people realize that life insurance rates can be impacted by your health history, height & and weight, tobacco use, and other specific information about you. The medical underwriters reviewing your life insurance application usually calculate adjustments to your life insurance rates. Therefore, these fluctuations in your final …

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How to Buy Life Insurance for Commercial Fishermen

How to Apply for Life Insurance for Commercial Fishermen and Secure the Best Rates in [2022] Is it difficult to purchase life insurance for commercial fishermen? The short answer is no, especially if your overall health is good. Buying life insurance for a commercial fisherman will be a little more involved but still a simple process. Being a crew member on an ocean-going fishing boat is very high risk. But you should have no problem applying for life insurance and being approved with competitive rates.  This blog post will go over everything commercial fishermen need to know to receive the …

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How to Buy Life Insurance for Skydivers

How to Apply for Life Insurance for Skydivers and Secure the Lowest Rates in [2022] Finding the best life insurance for skydivers is not tricky. On the contrary, it is pretty easy with today’s streamlined ways of purchasing coverage. If you think about it for a minute, jumping out of an airplane sounds very intimidating at a very high altitude. Then having to depend on a parachute to work 100% of the time to save your life is another story altogether. Thankfully, life insurance companies have an open mind to skydiving, and you can purchase life insurance at very affordable …

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How Risky Occupations Can Affect Your Life Insurance Premiums

How to Apply for Life Insurance With a Risky Occupation & Secure the Best Rates in [2022] There are many risky occupations that most people would never consider negatively impacting a life insurance application. These jobs can raise a red flag and place them in a high-risk life insurance classification. However, using the right company with an experienced independent agent can significantly impact the outcome of your application. The insurers are concerned about an applicant’s risky occupation that could one day take his life. Your job could be just as serious as a medical condition or a heavy smoker. Thousands …

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How Risky Sports Can Affect your Life Insurance Premiums

How to Apply for Life Insurance With a Risky Sport & Secure the Best Rates in [2022] Many people enjoy a risky sport but don’t even realize their sport is high risk. No adverse event causes them an injury or even their demise most of the time. But their high-risk sport will throw up a red flag when the carrier underwrites their life insurance application. Then, if the right life insurance company is applied, they can be issued preferred rates, and everyone is happy.  Your rates will depend on how dangerous your sport is and how active you are in …

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