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How to Get the Best Life Insurance Rates for Smokers

Life Insurance for Smokers – The Complete Guide to Getting the Best Rates for [2022] If you have ever wondered how using tobacco products affects life insurance premiums, take a moment to read this post, and we will cut through all the smoke for you. You will also find out how to purchase life insurance for smokers at the best rates possible. Life insurance for smokers usually is always going to represent higher premiums. It can depend mainly on what form of tobacco you use and how much you use it. Sometimes you can qualify for non-smoker rates under certain …

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Did You Know Life Insurance Rates are Regulated by Law?

Life Insurance Rates are Regulated by Law | What You Need to Know About Insurance Premiums Most consumers believe that life insurance rates vary from agent to agent or between buying directly from a carrier vs. buying from an agent. However, life insurance rates can only vary when you compare the same product, such as a 20-term life insurance policy, when your comparison is between one specific life insurance company to another, such as Prudential to MetLife. All insurance rates never vary in cost for the same specific policy design with the same company. Regardless of whether it is homeowners, …

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