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Life Insurance with Anxiety

Life Insurance With Anxiety | The Complete New Definitive Guide for [2022]

People apply for life insurance with anxiety and depression disorders virtually every day in the United States. Medical experts claim that everyonelife insurance with anxiety suffers from some form of this condition, at least temporarily. This is one of the most common mental illnesses in the United States and other countries. This article will be an information-packed resource to get you pointed in the right direction and show you exactly how you can buy life insurance at a very affordable premium. 

Anxiety disorder is the most common mental illness in the United States, affecting over 40 million adults ages 18 and older.

Suppose you are like millions of people diagnosed with this condition, and it’s controlled with or without medication. Then, you could qualify for preferred rates if you are otherwise in good health.


Can I Get Life Insurance With Anxiety?

Many people ask if they can get life insurance with anxiety disorder, especially in high-stress times where new events are causing people to worry about their future. Most people believe that due to the fact this is considered a mental condition. Unfortunately, if they apply, there will be a problem, and nothing could be farther from the truth. Just about everyone has some form of Anxiety at one time or another.

This condition is often temporary, and many people grow out of it. However, it is prevalent with people under a lot of stress, such as teenagers and even new mothers. The only time there could be a problem is if your Anxiety is out of control even with medication and you have been hospitalized.

Most of the people we see with this condition apply and are issued preferred rates as long as they are in relatively good health.


Can Anxiety Cause My Life Insurance Rates to Go Up?

We rarely see rates go up with this condition as long as it is controlled either by natural means or with medication. The life insurance companies are only concerned with one primary concern: anything that can trigger a person’s demise. Of course, if your condition were so bad that you were contemplating suicide, then that would be another story altogether.

Most people have a mild to moderate condition and can keep everything under control with simple medications and occasional therapy with a doctor. However, many new drugs improve an anxiety patient’s life to the extremes. Therefore, if your health other than this condition, along with your height and weight, is for the most part normal, it would be very likely you will receive preferred rates.


How Can I Apply & Get Approved Within 24-48 Hours?

If you have been diagnosed with this condition, use your valuable time to your best advantage. The first task is to contact an experienced independent agent who can shop the entire market for you. Your agent (hopefully us) will be able to quickly find the best companies to fit your specific needs and budget. After you and your agent have chosen the best life insurance company to apply with, submit a No Medical Exam life insurance application. 


Why Should I Get Examined & Diagnosed By a Doctor?

Just a simple case of nervous tension is considered a form of Anxiety. If you visit your family doctor and mention you feel a little anxious or worried about something from time to time. You will probably be identified as an anxiety patient, and this will be placed in your records if you know it or not. The doctor will trip over his own feet to get that noted in your records. When you apply for life insurance, you will have the condition found in your medical records, which will remain there forever.

Most doctors are alarmists and put conditions into your records without proper consideration and diagnosis. Applying for life insurance with Anxiety can sometimes be challenging, but only with extreme conditions. This will always depend on the complexity of one’s specific situation. To properly discuss how to apply for life insurance. We should try to understand what the condition is all about.


I Was Denied Life Insurance Because of Anxiety, Now What?

Periodically we hear of people being denied life insurance because of Anxiety. About 90% of the time, this is due to the applicant using the wrong agent. First of all, you will want to be working with an independent agent specializing in life insurance and is contracted with many carriers so he can adequately shop the market for you.

You will also want to make sure your agent is knowledgeable and experienced with risky medical conditions such as this condition. One of the most critical factors to getting approved and getting the best life insurance rates is choosing the right life insurance company. This will require experience and plenty of knowledge on your agent’s part.

Your agent will have to pre-screen your condition with multiple carriers to know your best choice in companies and plan designs. This hard work on your agent’s part will inevitably enable you to receive the best underwriting decision along with the lowest rates.


Does Anxiety Affect Life Insurance?

Anxiety and other mentally related conditions will affect your life insurance application. The most important concept the life insurance companies consider is how severe or, hopefully, mild your situation is specific to you. Here is the most critical information they need to know with no close second.

  • Did you ever have thoughts of suicide or made actual attempts?
  • What medications and dosages do you take daily?
  • Have you ever been hospitalized for your condition?

The answers to these three simple questions will tell the insurers where you are going with this application. As I said earlier in this article, it depends on how mild or straightforward your condition is.


Can I Receive Disability Benefits for Anxiety?

If your condition is severe enough, it could be observed as a partial or even a total disability. A total disability would be being confined to a hospital for extended mental institutions for years on end. However, this is very rare, and in most cases, people with Anxiety find that their condition is an inconvenience for their everyday life. Here are some excellent articles to read by clicking these links:


What Are the Most Common Symptoms of Anxiety?

  • A mild or intense feeling of nervous tension and stress
  • Feelings of impending danger or doom with possible panic effect
  • Heart rate increases such as a possible heart attack effect
  • Uncontrolled hyperventilating 
  • Excessive perspiration (not caused by hot temperature conditions)
  • Uncontrolled body trembling
  • A solid or severe physical feeling of being very weak or tired
  • Unable to concentrate on anything other than the impending danger
  • Severe or mild insomnia condition 
  • Bellyaches (gastrointestinal pains)
  • Constant sensation of worrying
  • A strong feeling of paranoia
  • Thoughts of suicide


What Are the Best Life Insurance Companies for Anxiety?

Some of the companies that work well with Anxiety:

  • Prudential Insurance Co.
  • AIG (American General) offering guaranteed acceptance
  • Lincoln Financial
  • Protective Life
  • Banner Life
  • Transamerica

We use over 40 of the most competitive life insurance companies in the nation. These carriers will typically come back with the best health class and the lowest rates. However, choosing the exact one will have to be determined by your answers to a few specific questions.

You can get an idea of your rates by activating our instant quotes tool. In addition, you can vary the “health class” drop-down menu between “preferred” and “standard” to see how the premiums react.


What Questions Will the Insurance Companies Ask?

  • When were you first diagnosed with the condition?
  • Have you ever been hospitalized due to Anxiety?
  • What medications are you currently taking for your condition?
  • What level was your last diagnosis (mild, moderate, or severe)?
  • Are you currently participating in any psychotherapy treatment?
  • Are you currently undergoing any form of treatment?
  • Have you ever attempted to commit suicide?
  • How frequently are your anxiety-related episodes, including panic attacks?
  • Have you ever missed going to work because of your Anxiety?
  • Do you use any forms of drugs or abuse alcohol?


Can I Get Life Insurance if I Use Antidepressants?

Because all carriers have their specific underwriting guidelines, your agent will have to pre-screen this for you to make sure. Most of the time, you can be approved for life insurance even if you use antidepressants. This decision will also be based on your dosages and what other drugs you take at the same time.


What Are the Main Types of Anxiety Disorder?

  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) – Probably by now, most everyone has heard of this version of Anxiety. PTSD is an extreme form of Anxiety that usually stems from terrifying events such as soldiers in combat experiences, firefighters who have witnessed near-death situations, and police officers involved in shootings. Even the ordinary individual can have PTSD due to a severe car accident, physical attack, or robbery. People have also developed PTSD from long-drawn-out volatile divorce cases.
  • Generalized Anxiety Disorder – Generalized Anxiety Disorder is a version of chronic Anxiety, uncontrolled worry, and nervous tension. Regardless of the stress level, the individual will constantly worry. This is limited to adults; many children have also been diagnosed with a generalized anxiety disorder.
  • Panic Disorder – People diagnosed with panic disorder experience repeated and unexpected sessions of intense fear. They will experience shortness of breath, dizziness, chest pains accompanied by other physical symptoms. These might include chest pain, heart palpitations, shortness of breath, dizziness, and even abdominal issues.
  • Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder – OCD will usually inflict obsessions and repetitive impulses to wash their hands, clean things, and count them also. If they don’t perform these exercises, the Anxiety will steadily increase to a more steady and intense level.
  • Social Phobia – Social Phobia is also known as Social Anxiety Disorder. This is a disorder that produces excessive self-consciousness from being around other people. People with this condition fear speaking in formal or even informal situations. They also dislike drinking or eating in front of other people in restaurants and taverns.

What Health Classifications Can I Expect to Receive?

 You may expect to be placed in several health classifications after the underwriting process has been completed. They are as follows:

  • Preferred Plus & Preferred – These two ratings are issued to people that would be considered very healthy. If your condition is controlled and you don’t have any other risky medical condition or are overweight, you should fall into one of these two classes.
  • Standard – Many people with anxiety and depression disorder can fall into this category. The standard rating is often issued to life insurance applicants in average health, and their Anxiety is controllable.
  • Substandard – A substandard rate class is also associated with a letter or a number “rate table” system such as Standard rate class 2 or Standard rate class B. The numbers run from 1-10, and the letters run from A-J. This designates the severity of the underwriting decision. Some companies use the number system, and others use the letter system.


Who Should I See if I Have Anxiety or Depression?

The first person you should see is your family Physician. He can examine you and possibly run a preliminary test to determinelife insurance with anxiety disorder any mental illness. After that, he may want to send you to a specialist such as a Psychiatrist or a Psychologist to make a more educated diagnosis. Your condition could even be temporary, but that is for a medical professional to decide. If you are wondering what the difference between a Psychiatrist and a Psychologist is, find out so you know.   


The only way you will know your final rates is to apply. However, we can also speak with you and run a quick pre-screen, enabling us to choose the right company and projected rate class you will be assigned.

Why Should I Work With Your Agency?

We don’t make promises we can’t keep or tell you what you want to hear, as some other agents do. We will only give you the plain facts, whatever they are. We can tell you that we have over 25 years of experience and work hard to get our clients the best policy and the lowest premiums possible. The best part is that you don’t have to listen to any sales-related BS or fluff, which can insult anyone’s intelligence. 

We show you your options by researching our list of over 40 companies we deal with and letting you take it from there. Then, if you decide to apply, we will provide the best care every inch of the way until you are approved with the rates we both are happy with. There is no sales pressure or any dog and pony show whatsoever, just an excellent professional experience we know you will be more than happy with.


Can I Apply for Life Insurance With Anxiety Over the Phone?

Applying over the telephone is much faster and more efficient than an online or a 20-page paper application. We use theapply for life insurance with anxiety over the phone SnapApp application system, the most streamlined way to apply with no close second. All you have to do is sit back and listen to the questions, and the girls in the application department will do all the work for you. A telephone application will take about 15 minutes to complete.


Should I Get a Medical Pre-Screen Before I Apply?

A medical pre-screen takes about 5 minutes for you to complete with your agent and will eliminate all the guesswork and surprises that could arise during and after the application process. A quick pre-screen also helps your agent choose the right life insurance company for you to apply with. Pre-screening your medical conditions will help give you and your agent insight into the outcome and expected premium before you even apply.


In Conclusion

Purchasing life insurance with any mental illness such as anxiety disorder can take a little more work, but that is what your agent is for. I am sure by now you have a much better understanding of how life insurance companies view your condition. This will help you when you are ready to apply.

Contact us today, and we will answer all your questions and remove all the guesswork you make have stored up. In addition, we will provide you with life insurance quotes for Anxiety from all the most competitive companies specifically chosen for your condition.  

Check out our let’s get started article for more valuable information. 

All the best,
Jack Venturi

If you have questions about life insurance with Anxiety or anything else, contact us today and let us help you with no cost or obligation. We are brokers and work for our clients, not for insurance companies. Our job is to help you get approved for the best policy for your needs with the lowest rates possible. You can also set up a specific time to get all your questions answered. 


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