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Life Insurance for Loggers

Purchasing life insurance for loggers is simple and easy!

If you have been shopping for life insurance for loggers. There is no doubt that someone told you that logging is a high risk occupation. For the most part, logging can be somewhat of a hazardous occupation. But don’t give up the ship, there are plenty of excellent life insurance companies out there. Some of the best life insurance companies in the nation will offer very low preferred rates for loggers.

As long as your health is alright, you have an excellent chance to receive preferred rates and have very affordable premiums. Let’s dive in and go over what it takes to get the best rates for life insurance for loggers.

Work with an independent insurance agent!

While your Stihl chainsaw may be your most important tool on the jobsite, your independent insurance agent (broker) is your tool to help you get the best life insurance rates. Since we already know what your occupation is, we now need to expose any medical conditions if any. An applicant’s health along with height and weight play a very important part when shopping for low cost term life insurance.

Many people do not inform their agents about all their medical concerns until it is too late. Their agent finds out from the life insurance company during the underwriting process. The main concern is to choose the life insurance company that will offer the best rates. This needs to be done before you apply by knowing all of the specific details going in.

Choosing the most applicable company is critical!

All life insurance companies look at high risk occupations differently and they also look at you health and lifestyle differently also. Each life insurance carrier has their own way of underwriting applications. This is why researching what company to use before you apply is so critical.

If any of our applicants have medical conditions, we usually will  run a simple and quick medical prescreen to eliminate any surprises during the underwriting process. 

Anytime you are applying for life insurance with an occupation that the companies refer to as high risk, everything else becomes even more important. Pre-screening the applicant with multiple companies is the way to find out exactly who will offer the lowest rates.

Your specific job description very important

If you are a supervisor doing no manual labor at all or a Faller, Machine Operator or Choker. Your job description is going to tell a lot about how hazardous your work day will be. Even if your job is one of the more hazardous ones on the jobsite, don’t worry. You still have a very good chance on getting excellent rates.

Thankfully the life insurance industry knows how new safety rules are being implemented everyday. This drastically reduces many of the dangers that used to be prevalent in the past. 

Life insurance rates have been going down

Thankfully life insurance rates have been going down due to people living longer lives. A large percentage of the population have given up smoking and don’t eat as much fattening food as before. Also going in for regular checkups has helped quite a bit too. When the risk exposure goes down, the companies can reduce their rates which is great.

Loggers are no different and they have to stay in good shape to be able to safely do their job. When was the last time you saw a fat logger in a tree with a chainsaw? Height and weight also play a big part when shopping for term life insurance. If a person is overweight or obese, they can be charged a higher premium or simply have their application declined. 

If your job is especially hazardous, a flat extra charge could possibly be applied

This extra charge is commonly referred to as a “Flat Extra” charge. This is a charge where a dollar amount is added to the base premium to cover the additional risk they are taking. Here is a very simple example on how it works:

A 20 year old logger named Joe Stevens applies for a $100,000 face amount life insurance policy for 20 years. Joe’s base premium for the policy for example purposes is $1,000.00 per year. Joe has a very dangerous job and the life insurance company decides to charge a $2.50 per 1,000 in coverage flat extra fee.

This fee would be added on top of Joe’s base premium. Since the flat extra is charged per $1,000.00 in coverage and Joe is applying for $100,000 the total would be an extra $250.00. The base premium of $1,000.00 would be added to the $250.00 flat extra for a grand total of $1,250.00 per year.

Use our quoting system to instantly compare rates

Our quote engine will allow you to compare immediate life insurance quotes from over 40 of the best life insurance companies. You can compare these quotes displayed side by side in less than a minute. There are many companies that will provide the best life insurance rates for loggers. You also have another excellent option to choose to apply for no medical exam life insurance if you don’t want to take the physical exam.

Going the full underwriting route is normally the best way to apply with the lowest possible premiums. Many times you can still get some of the best life insurance rates with no medical exam.

We use simple telephone applications that take about 20 minutes to complete

If you ever applied in the past and had to complete a long drawn out paper application, you are in for a treat. The modern telephone applications are really efficient and quick. The girls in the telephone application department call to set up a time to do the application and then you can complete the application at your convenience. No more boring paper applications that would alway promote a case of writer’s cramp.

In Conclusion 

As I stated in the beginning of this blog post, purchasing life insurance for loggers is very easy. Don’t hesitate to call us with any questions you may have or wish to apply. You can also set up a telephone call at your convenience which is the best. I hope this blog post provided some value you could take advantage from. 

All the best,
Jack Venturi


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